Step by Step Instructions (With Pictures) : How to Put English Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers on the Saddle

Step 1:Stirrup on Leather

Take the stirrup iron and slide it onto the stirrup leather.


Step: 2Stirrup on Letaher Buckled

Then buckle the stirrup leather, by sliding the end through the top slot of the buckle.





Step3:Stirrup Bar

Then slide the stirrup leather onto the stirrup bar just behind the buckle on the leather.  The stirrup bar is a metal piece located under the small flap on the side of your saddle.  You may need a hoof pick to help you lift the stirrup bar and slide the leather on.




Slide onto Stirrup Bar

On Stirrup Bar

















Step 4:Make sure the stirrup hangs correct

Check to make sure that the stirrup is hanging correctly and that there are no twists in the leathers.  If there are twists; take the leathers off, straighten and reattach.














Step 5:Close Stirrup Bar

Close the stirrup bar.  There is a hinge of the back of the stirrup bend it upward.  This ensures that your stirrups will not come off while riding.  (This hinge may not be present in all English saddles.) 








Step 6:

Mount up and RIDE!


Thank you so much for the pictures ! I read how ,on a lot of sites but without the pictures ,it just wasn't clear.