Disclaimer of Product Liability

We do not express or imply any warranty respecting the safety of products sold. The buyer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of said products.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns on used merchandise.

SaddleOnline, Inc. offers a 30-day money back guarantee return policy. See "Return Policy" in the FAQ section for more information.

Merchandise must be in new condition with original tags (if applicable) for any returns or exchanges.

Why are your saddles so inexpensive?

Our saddles are reasonably priced because we deal in volume. Unless stated as a synthetic, each saddle is made with 100% natural cowhide leather to high quality workmanship and inspection standards. Since employs its own saddle designers, we cut out the middleman and pass that savings along to you, the buyer! It is our company's goal to provide quality products that match everyone's budget.

What kind of tree does your saddles have?

All our leather western and English saddles are designed with a wood base tree that is wrapped in fiberglass for double reinforcement. Our pony and synthetic saddles are designed with a double reinforced Fiberglass tree.

What size gullet do I need for my horse?
  • 6" Semi-Quarter Horse bars. Fits a small/narrow built horse.
  • 6.5" QH bars. Fits an average QH or refined Arabian.
  • 7" Full QH bars. Fits a Foundation, Stocky or Chubby QH, Round Arabian or Draft Crosses.

For the hard to fit horse, we offer wither tracings for best saddle fitting options. Please email us at [email protected] or look at the directions on our website for more information.

What do the saddles come with?

The saddles come with everything pictured unless otherwise stated in the saddle description. Most of our saddles come with a bridle, breast collar and reins. The description will list what is included for that specific saddle.

What size seat do I need?

Seat size typically goes by the weight of the rider. Please use these charts as a guide, much of rider saddle fit is based on personal preference.

Western Kids Sizing: 

  • 2-3 year olds (Approx. 20-30 lbs) 8" 
  • 3-5 year olds (Approx. 30-45 lbs) 10"
  • 5-8 year olds (Approx. 45-70 lbs) 12"
  • 8-10 year olds (Approx. 70-90 lbs) 13"
  • 10+ year olds (Approx. 90-115 lbs) 14" 

Western Adult Sizing:

  • 90-140 Pounds 15"
  • 141-180 Pounds 16"
  • 181-240 Pounds 17"
  • 240 + Pounds 18"


  • 90 - Pounds 15"
  • 90-130 Pounds 16"
  • 131-175 Pounds 17"
  • 176-225 Pounds 18"
  • 225 + Pounds 19"


  • 90 - Pounds 16"
  • 90-130 Pounds 17"
  • 131-175 Pounds 18"
  • 176-225 Pounds 19"
  • 225 + Pounds 20"

As a rule of thumb, in a Western Saddle, you want to be able to put one hand in front of you. In an English and Australian saddles, you want to be able to put one hand in front and one hand behind you.

Do you supply in Wholesale?

We gladly supply wholesale orders. Please email us at [email protected] today to receive a dealer application.

Do you offer payment plans?

SaddleOnline is happy to offer a layaway payment plan to help accommodate our customers, and make their shopping experience even more affordable.

    • We require 30% down to hold the saddle/product for you

    • You will then have 60 days to complete your payments. Once the total payment has been received, we will ship the order to you

    • If you decide to cancel the order after the initial payment has been made, the first 30% payment becomes a cancellation fee and is NOT refundable.