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Welcome to, your premier destination for exceptional English saddles!

We're passionate about empowering riders of all levels to achieve their equestrian dreams. Our curated selection of English saddles, meticulously crafted with the finest materials, caters to various disciplines, ensuring both you and your horse experience unmatched comfort and performance.

Discover Your Perfect Partner:

Whether you're a seasoned competitor striving for podium finishes or a dedicated enthusiast fostering a deep connection with your horse, we have the ideal saddle to propel you forward. Explore our diverse range, encompassing:

  • Versatile All-Purpose Saddles:

    Offering adaptability and comfort for various riding activities.
  • Close-Contact Dressage Saddles:

    Engineered for precise communication and optimal leg position during dressage movements.
  • Supportive Jumping Saddles:

    Featuring forward flaps and secure knee rolls for confident jumping performance.
  • Enduring Comfort Saddles:

    Built for long-distance stability and comfort for both horse and rider.

Beyond Comfort, Unmatched Performance: prioritizes the well-being of both horse and rider. Our premium English saddles boast:

  • Supportive and Secure:

    High-quality leather construction with adjustable, well-padded knee rolls for optimal leg position and rider security.
  • The Perfect Fit:

    A wide range of seat sizes and adjustable trees ensure a customized fit for different horse conformations and rider preferences.
  • Horse-Friendly Design:

    Breathable panels and ergonomic shaping provide exceptional horse comfort during training and competition, minimizing fatigue and maximizing performance.

Experience the Advantage:

We offer more than just exceptional saddles:

  • Unparalleled Selection:

    Find the perfect saddle for any riding style or discipline from our comprehensive collection.
  • Competitive Prices & Special Offers:

    Get the best value for your money with our competitive pricing and ongoing promotions.
  • Expert Support:

    Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in choosing and fitting your English saddle for optimal performance.
  • Confidence & Convenience:

    Enjoy peace of mind with our exceptional customer service, hassle-free return policy, and convenient phone consultations: (800)967-2335.

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Let our saddle-fitting experts guide you in ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for your horse. Don't settle for anything less than the perfect partnership - schedule a consultation today and embark on a journey of equestrian excellence with!

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Brown All Purpose English Riding Neoprene Horse Saddle Girth Cinch E901
  • New
    Brown All Purpose English Riding Neoprene Horse Saddle Girth Cinch E901
    • New
      $59.99$94.99Regular price-$35.00 offPrice
      Brown All Purpose English Riding Neoprene Horse Saddle Girth Cinch E901
      • New
        $59.99$94.99Regular price-$35.00 offPrice