Here at, our goal is produce the best quality products for our customers. With our own in-house designers here in Illinois, our team works diligently to create the latest styles, trends, and fashion in Equestrian tack. All our leather is 100% natural cowhide and is hand-picked here from the US. Our saddles are then manufactured in India where they are all hand stitched, hand carved, and produced with the best quality care. All shipments are then thoroughly inspected and tested here in Illinois to make sure each item is to our high quality standards. Our new line of saddles even feature a double layer of leather that is 9mm thick! This makes the saddle more durable and extends the lifespan of the saddle. All our saddles come equipped with stainless steel hardware and feature a thick synthetic fleece underside to make sure every horse is comfortable and happy.

Comfort is one of the key points that we go by when creating a saddle. We make sure that all our Pleasure Trail and Endurance saddles seats are outfitted with a double piece of memory foam that will keep the rider comfortable for long hours out on the trails! We have also designed a close contact skirt mechanism that provides more rider-to-horse communication. As a result, you can feel the horse's movement more underneath you and are able to be more in sync with your horse.

With creating our own saddles, we can use the latest technology and equipment to produce trees with the proper saddle fitting sizes. Our leather saddles are designed with a wood-base tree wrapped in fiberglass for double reinforcement. Our Synthetic and pony saddles are designed with a double reinforced fiberglass trees that help even out weight distribution, while keeping the saddles light weight and easy to handle. Majority of our western saddles also include in-tree rigging. This rigging style is more durable and helps to offer an even amount of pressure when cinching up your horse.

Saddle designing is very important when it comes to creating the best product for our customers. Unlike other companies that use staples to keep their saddles together, we use only natural materials such as screws and nails to make sure our saddles stay secured and durable. All our saddles are then double stitched by hand to ensure proper quality and style is maintained. Our leather staining process is also done by hand to make sure the dye is evenly distributed throughout the cowhide. Also, by staining the leather by hand, we are able to offer a variance of colors for our saddles that make them unique.