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  • Choosing A Barrel Saddle

    Find beautiful barrel saddles for sale at SaddleOnline. A great fit for you and your horse!

    A quick search of the internet reveals loads of barrel saddles for sale, some in flashy colors, some inexpensive, and some that are definitely worthy of a pro rodeo rider. In this guide to choosing a barrel saddle, we'll provide you with important tips and insight for selecting the one that's right for you and your favorite racing partner.

    The Right Saddle Makes A Difference

  • Cheap Horse Saddles

           If you're in the market for a cheaper horse saddle, then we are here to assist you with knowing what to look for to get a quality saddle at a cheap price! Traditionally, all saddles were made of leather because it's durable, breathable, and it shapes to the horse. However, leather can sometimes be quite pricey.

  • Synthetic Western Saddles

           Almost everyone conjures to mind the typical western saddle when picturing what a saddle looks like. Western saddles are the ones that were popularized by the famous "cowboys," and they were mostly used in western riding and cattle ranching. During cowboy days, saddles were made out of leather. Although you can still buy leather saddles today, they tend to be expensive and require more maintenance than some more modern types of saddles.


  • Western Saddlery For Chicks

           Every Cowgirl dreams of riding the range or getting the fastest time running barrels at the next rodeo. Cowgirl chicks want to kick butt and look good doing it! Finding the best western saddlery for chicks can be difficult. Rodeo Cowgirls want flashy, blinged out saddles that will look great in the show ring. Whoever said that rodeos are not just for the cowboys!

  • Western Horse Tack

              When you get your own horse, it is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, owning a horse brings with it a lot of responsibility. As well as taking good care of your horse, you also have to outfit it with the best horse tack. Most horse owners these days choose to use the standard Western tack. If you are looking to outfit your horse with tack, here is a beginner’s guide to selecting the right gear from the tack shop.