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  • Gorgeous Paints: Getting to Know the Spotted Saddle Horse

    The spotted saddle horse is a light riding breed developed in the United States after the American Revolution. Colorful markings and a graceful, refined appearance are just two things to love about the breed.

    History of the Spotted Saddle Horse

    The spotted saddle horse breed was developed from short-statured, gaited pintos from Spain that were crossed with larger American breeds such as the Standardbred and Morgan. This mix increased the horses’ height while retaining both gait and desirable paint colors.

  • Types of Horse Jumps

    There are many different types of horse jumps!

    Watch an equestrian event, and the odds are good that at some point you’ll witness riders in English saddles taking their mounts over a variety of horse jumps. Whether you’re simply curious or are perhaps interested in learning to jump, you’ll find this guide to the most popular types of horse jumps is a good place to begin.


  • Equestrian Clothing: Essentials for Western Riders

    Traditional western equestrian clothing offers a distinctive look. Here's how to dress the part.

    Whether you’re setting out to enjoy time on the trail or compete in the show ring, you need the right equestrian clothing. These essentials for western riding will help keep you comfortable, protect you from the elements, and help keep you looking your best in the saddle. We hope you enjoy this quick head to toe guide!

    Hat or Helmet?

  • How to Ride a Horse: Getting Started

    Learning how to ride a horse is fun. Once you get started, you'll learn how to prepare yourself for a discipline that interests you.

    One of the top questions equestrians receive concerns how to ride a horse. While those who are new to the world of horses often interpret the act of riding as a person simply sitting on the back of a horse while it carries them around a ring or along a trail, there’s a lot of communication happening that’s very difficult even for some experts to see. So, how to ride a horse? Come along for a look.

    Learning How to Ride a Horse

  • Horse Tack for Western Riding: The Basics

    Western horse tack often has a pleasing, decorative appearance.

    Horse tack for Western riding offers a distinct look. It’s often beautifully detailed, with showy conchos, interesting inlaid hair on hide embellishments, or even hand-painted designs. If you’re new to the world of Western riding, you might wonder exactly what to purchase. With the right horse tack, your Western riding ensemble will have a complete look, plus you’ll be safer in the saddle.

    Basic Horse Tack for Western Riding

  • Horses for Sale: How to Choose the One That's Best for You

    The right horse will carry you through the events you enjoy most

    You’ve made all the necessary arrangements for keeping a horse, and you’re ready to start looking at horses for sale. How to choose the one that’s best for you depends on several factors. Are you into competition or showing? Do you care about impressive bloodlines? Or do you simply want a safe, friendly horse that’s fun to ride on trails?

    Factors to Consider Before Looking at Horses for Sale

  • Do I Really Need to Wear a Riding Helmet?

    Accidents happen in a split second, and lives are ended or change for the worse when equestrians choose to ride without helmets.

    “Do I really have to wear a riding helmet?” This is a question heard over and over again. While some choose to ride their horses without helmets, statistics show that riding helmets make a difference. Here’s why.

    Helmets Save Lives

    Laws in many places require motorcycle riders and cyclists to wear helmets – and for a good reason: A traumatic head injury can happen in an instant, and if it doesn’t kill you, it will almost certainly have a negative impact on your future.

  • Getting to Know the Shire Horse Breed

    Shires are magnificent draft horses, usully marked with four white socks and a blaze.

    Famous for its massive size and its gentle disposition, the Shire horse breed is a type of draft horse that descends from the Old English Black horses (Destriers) of medieval times. Despite their popularity during the days before machines replaced horses, Shires are fairly rare today, with the US-based American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and UK-based Rare Breeds Survival Trust placing them at critical levels. As interest in draft horses for pleasure riding and driving increases though, numbers are likely to go up – and that’s a great thing! Shires are wonderful horses.

  • Horse Supplies for Beginners

    Caring for your equine friend is easier with the right horse supplies.

    Getting a new horse is exciting! Before getting your first horse, be sure that you’ve got all the essentials in place. That way, you’ll be ready to welcome your equine companion home and keep him feeling and looking his best. Here, we focus on horse supplies, so you have items on hand when you need them.

    Feeding and Watering