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  • Horse Vices and How to Correct Them

    The definition of a vice is behavior that is immoral or wicked. You do not have to be around horses terribly long to realize that a horse that an ill behaving horse is not terribly fun to be around. Not only do vices create manageability problems, but they also promote dangerous behavior. Vices develop over time and become habitual. Training unhealthy habits out of horses takes time and patience. Work horses in short sessions and always end the lesson on a positive note. The job of correcting vices should be left to only trained and confident horse handlers.

  • Handy Hints and Tools for the Barn

    Using natural remedies and repurposing items around the home saves time and money, but did you ever think about using them in the barn or pasture? Owning a horse does not have to be expensive or difficult. Taking control of your equine bills is as effortless as thinking outside of the box.


    Horse Home Remedies

    Problem: Horse has serious thrush in its feet from standing on mucky ground.