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  • Body Language In Horses

    If you closely watch a group of horses interact you’ll quickly see that they speak loudly through their body language even though it may be subtle. For instance, the head, or alpha, mare may quickly clear a path by just lowering her head a bit and laying her ears back instead of baring her teeth and charging at whichever horse is in her way. Her herd mates know she means business when she just simply lays her ears back and they move.

  • Acclimating A New Horse Into Your Herd

    New horse in the pasture

    So you’ve finally got that third, fourth or even fifth horse that you’ve wanted to complete your backyard herd.  Now what do you do to get your new gelding or mare acclimated into his or her new companions – how do you keep everybody safe and happy and make the transition as smooth as possible?

    There are certain steps you should take before just throwing the “newbie” in with your herd –

  • Tips for Riding a Pony

    kid on a pony

    Understanding Ponies

    By definition, a pony is considered to be any equine that is less than 14.2 hands tall. Ponies come from a variety of breeds, and some pony breeds are actually deviations of regular sized horse breeds. Ponies are capable of everything horses are capable of in terms of riding, driving and competitive events.

  • What is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

    The Basics of Eastern Equine Encephalitis

    Eastern equine encephalitis, also referred to as eastern equine encephalomyelitis or EEE, is an avian virus that can be communicated to humans and horses through mosquito bites. Cases of EEE are primarily seen on the eastern seaboard of the United States between New England and Florida. EEE is most prevalent in southern coastal regions due to the prime mosquito breeding conditions. New cases of EEE are commonly seen during warm summer months.

  • What is the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association?

    Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

    The MFTHBA specializes in the promotion and recognition of Missouri Fox Trotters as a horse breed. The MFTHBA is the officially recognized Missouri Fox Trotter association. It handles the registration of Missouri Fox Trotters, hosts events for Missouri Fox Trotter owners and enthusiasts, maintains breed records and promotes awareness of the breed as a whole. The MFTHBA is a world-wide organization and has separate divisions for youth and adult members.

  • What is the American Quarter Horse Association?

    American Quarter Horse Profile


    The American Quarter Horse is a legend in Western equine culture. This breed combines brute strength with graceful aesthetics, making it perfect for athletic showcases and equestrian exhibitions. They are famous for its ability to sprint short distances faster than other stocks. However, it is only in 1940 when a registry was created for its preservation, which is one of the foremost duties of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).

  • What is the Palomino World Show?

    The Palomino World Show

    The Palomino World Show is held annually at the end of July in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The world show is intended to provide an annual gathering of Palomino Horse Breeders of America association members, competitors and registered horses from across the country and globe. The best horse and rider teams from around the world compete against one another for top honors during this multi-day competition.

    There are separate world shows for the youth riders and adult riders, though youth riders are eligible to qualify in the open division of the regular world show. The show brings together hundreds of competitors from a variety of diffent areas, breeds and riding diciplines.

  • Teaching a Peruvian Paso to Compete in Reining

    The Basics of Peruvian Paso Horses

    Gaited horses are gradually gaining popularity in the horse community. Gaited horses such as the Peruvian Paso provide riders with a smoother ride and are known for having good temperaments. These horses are a popular choice with older riders or riders who's physical health problems, such as back and leg pain, may have been keeping them out of the saddle.

    The Peruvian Paso is a medium-sized horse breed, known primarily for their unique four-beat paso llano and sobreandando gaits, which are performed in place of the trot. The paso llano is a slower, more ambling four beat. The sobreandando is faster and can be used to cover a significant amount of ground in a fairly short amount of time. The Peruvian Paso's gait is naturally occurring and should not require special training to accomplish. These gaits are smoother than the trot and do not jar the rider.

  • The Best Type of Saddle to Use with a Missouri Fox Trotter

    Black Gaited Saddle

    How Saddles Fit

    It can be challenging to determine what type of saddle for a Missouri Fox Trotter will best suit its unique gaits. It is important to understand the basics of saddle fitting before going shopping.

    The basic saddle is constructed using a specially sized tree to provide the base structure of the saddle. Traditional trees tend to be constructed of relatively rigid materials, such as fiberglass, wood, rawhide, and even steel. The two most common sizes are semi-quarter horse bars and full quarter horse bars. Essentially, these fit medium-to-wide backed horses with normal or slightly low withers.

    When a saddle is placed on a horse's back, the saddle should fit fairly snugly; the middle of the saddle, the gullet, should be consistently elevated over the horse's spine to avoid constricting movement.