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  • Teaching Your Horse To Back Safely Out Of A Trailer

    When a horse has a problem with backing out of a trailer most owners will assume that the horse is scared of backing out the trailer. Issues such as not backing out,or backing out too quickly are actually issues that stem from not being taught to load properly in the first place. The bottom line is that neither of these types of horses are truly comfortable on the trailer.

  • In-Saddle Exercises To Improve Your Riding

    Young Girl Working on Riding Position


    How well can you ride without a saddle? Can you post without stirrups? How well do you ride without your reins? If you struggle to ride in any of these circumstances, you may need to work on your riding skills. While time in the saddle does help to improve your riding, there are certain exercises that will improve your balance and equitation.

  • Opening A Boarding Facility


    If you own your own property and have extra space you may have considered taking in a few boarders to help pay the mortgage or cover your horse expenses. Boarding other people’s horses can be a fun experience and bring in extra income, however before taking on such a business venture, it’s a good idea to consider all the details that go with opening a boarding facility.


  • Getting Smooth Transitions

    Dressage Horse

    Performing smooth transitions with your horse is essential to placing well in the show ring. Judges will often use gait transitions as a way of weeding out the competition and determining placement in the class. They look for things such as pushing on the bit, or taking extra steps during transitions to determine how well one horse performes over another.

  • Riding in a Bitless Bridle

    A bitless bridle allows a rider to control a horse without the use of bit. Horses with teeth problems benefit from the use of a bitless bridle because the actual bridle does not go in the mouth. Many trainers of young horses use bitless bridles when starting colts. Some riders have heavy hands and prefer to have something soft on their hands. Other riders simply want to use something less harsh to feel more united with their horse, however, in the wrong hands a bitless bridle can be harsher than a bit. Whatever the case may be, a bitless bridle may be the answer for you and your horse.

  • Picking the Right Saddle for Your Sport


    A horse and rider team can only be successful if using the proper equipment. The right saddle is crucial if you plan to excel in your equestrian sport.

    English Sports

    Eventing and Pleasure
    English all-purpose saddles are used for eventing. This less expensive saddle option is also used by mature or pleasure riders. On fences or flat ground, an eventing or pleasure saddle provides plenty of support.

  • How to Organize Your Tack Room

    As a horse owner, your tack room is extremely valuable. However, your tack room can become cluttered and disorderly quickly. After a long day riding, or training, it is easy to throw your tack inside the room without organization. Make it easy to find tack, keep it in proper shape, and put it away by giving your tack room a makeover. Gather up a few of your friends, pick a sunny day and it will not be long till your tack room looks nicer than your house!

  • Grooming Your Horse in the Winter

    Woman using curry to shed out horse


    Grooming your horse in the winter can feel like a daunting task. Horses love to roll in the mud after snow or rain, leaving caked on mud or mud stains all over their coats. Horse's winter coats collect dirt quickly and are hard to clean. These quick tips for keeping your horse looking clean this winter will make all your friends think you are a professional groomer.