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  • What Are Riding Breeches

    English full seat riding breeches

    So, you've decided to stop wearing holes in your jeans and get a new pair of breeches, but where do you start? There are many styles of riding breeches, made with many different materials. Some are made for comfort in summer months, with cotton blend moisture wicking materials, and some are made to help you keep warm in the winter, and may be lined with fleece or made with thicker materials. Breeches are a great option because the seams are all placed in a fashion so that they do not rub your inner thigh when riding, and they are more flexible and stretchy than jeans. Most breeches have suede or leather patches on them to aid in staying in the saddle, the placement of these patches can be essential to your comfort.

  • How to Fix Horse Blankets

         As we round the corner in to spring, it is time to consider pulling off the winter blankets and repairing, or buying new for the next cold season. What determines whether or not you can repair a blanket is really the extent of the damage. Here are some helpful tips to keep the winter blankets staying usable.

  • Tips for Western Horse Show Time

    western saddle saddle

        Western Horse shows are stressful events. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the point where you want to show your horse. Aside from getting there, there is the tack that is needed and the show attire. Each sport is different requiring a different set of tack and clothes. But a few things remain the same. How you and your support team prepare and work while at the show can make or break your show experience.


  • Different Types Of Horse Martingales (Running, Standing, & German)

          Martingales are used as training aids and in other situations to control a horse's head carriage. Each martingale has different actions on the horse and produce a different effect. Here we will cover the difference between the running and the standing martingale.



  • Western Show Saddles and Tack

    Flash Lightning Bolt Saddle

    It is getting to be that time of year again! Time to brush off the winter woolies and get you and your horse ready for summer show season! Are you and your tack ready? The Western show world changes season to season with what is “in-style”, but there are some classics that just can't be beat.

    Western Show Horse Saddle

  • How to Prepare for Spring and Summer with Horses

    Horse in spring

         As the days start getting longer and the sun starts to shine down more we start feeling the itch of spring. The warm Schnook wind gently blows as all the ice melts and the snow fades away. It is this time when everyone in the horse world takes a collective sigh and wishes for nice days for trail riding a head. Barns where there are pregnant mares prepare for the foaling time and show barns began the yearly process of the show season. Preparing now for the busy spring and summer ahead will make your life easier in the long run. Spring is a great time to go over all your tack, equipment and safety gear.

  • Different "English" Disciplines

    “English” is a very broad term for a style of riding that really has many variations. Just like how within “Western” riding there is barrel racing, show pleasure, trail, ranch work, reining, cutting etc, within the broad term of “English riding there are many subcategories also. Some of the main disciplines are Dressage, Show Jumping, Hunter Jumper, 3 Day Eventing and Saddle Seat. Each discipline has its own set of rules and standards, as well as ideal equine qualities.