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  • Beginner’s Guide: Horse Blankets

              Do you ever get cold and want to put on a jacket? How about wanting to wrap up in a blanket to fight off the shivers? Almost everyone will answer yes to one or both of these questions. Just like people, horses also get cold too. During the fall and winter seasons, horses need blankets just like us to keep warm and toasty! Whether your horse is outside or in the barn, horse blankets will keep your horse insulated, dry, and healthy during the cold months. Other blankets can also help keep your horse safe and healthy during the spring and summer months!

  • Equine Therapeutic Horseback Riding

                 When you hear the word “Therapy,” what do you think of?  Some people might think that the word “therapy” refers to talking to a therapist about your problems or going to a therapist to fix a relationship issue. Others might associate that word “Therapy” with a hospital and how one would us therapy as a means to rehabilitate their body from a serious injury. But do you ever think about horses when you hear the word “Therapy”? Did you know that horses can be used as a therapeutic tool too?

  • Beginner’s Guide to Horse Jumping

                    Horse jumping is one of the most widely known events within the world of English riding. It is an extreme sport that requires focus, good body control, and balance.  Horse jumping also requires a lot of trust between you and your horse. Your horse has to trust you to lead him into the right direction, and you have to trust your horse to take you over the fence. Without that trust, the rider might become nervous and therefore making the horse nervous. Confidence is key when it comes to this sport! Horse jumping doesn’t have to be just a show event.

  • Beginner's Guide to Barrel Racing

                    Barrel racing is a Western timed, speed event that requires you and your horse to maneuver around three barrels as fast as you can. However, this sport isn’t just about speed. It is all about body control, concentration, and synchronization between you and your horse. Both horse and rider have to work together as a team in order to accomplish the task at hand. Otherwise, your race isn’t going to go well and you or your horse could get injured.


  • Different Ways to Braid Your Horse’s Mane

                    Braiding your horse’s mane can be a great way to keep your horse’s hair from getting dirty and tangled. Braiding of the horse’s mane is also done when entering into the showing circuit for English riding events. Braiding the mane also brings elegance and a clean-cut look when entering the show ring, and It helps to show the curve of the horse’s neck and keeps it out of his face while jumping. Before braiding your horse’s mane, you should always make sure that it is clean and not tangled.

  • How to Properly Clean a Horse Stall

                    Cleaning out your horse’s stall is one of the most important things that you can do for your horse! A daily mucked-out stall is a great way to provide a clean, healthy environment for your horse to eat and live. Everyone deals with different horse environments and they may have a different routine of how they clean out stalls. But in the end, the technique/results are always the same! 

                    1.  Make sure you are appropriately dressed! 

  • Top 10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Saddle

                    Buying a saddle can be tuff and frustrating at times. Figuring out how to buy the right saddle, and what to look for, can be tricky for a first time rider or a less experienced rider. With all the different types, models, and sizes within the saddle world, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to purchase the perfect saddle for both you and your horse.  But fear no more! With these ten easy questions, you will be buying saddles like a pro!

  • Different Seat Options for a Western Saddle

    Within the world of saddles, there are many different types, shapes, and sizes. Each saddle containing its own style, design, and color. The many different parts of the saddle, the stirrups, seat, girth, and horn all work together to accomplish the task of the rider. But one of the most important parts of the saddle, is the seat. The seat of the saddle is the section that keeps the rider balanced, stable, and comfortable. The seat provides the main comfort for every rider.