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  • Winter Riding Tips

    Enjoy these winter riding tips for cold weather fun!

    Snow and cold temperatures keep many people inside. There’s no reason to bench yourself and your horse though, because even the coldest days can be great for getting outdoors and treating yourself and your equine companion to some exercise. Use these winter horseback riding tips to get started!

    Warm the Bit

    Keep your bridle in the house or a heated barn, or invest in a bit warmer. You can also warm your bit by holding it in your bare hands for a minute before putting it into your horse’s mouth, or by wrapping it in a warm (not hot!) pack.

  • Inspecting and Maintaining Your Horse Trailer

    Regular horse trailer maintenence helps you reach your destination safely.

    Your horse trailer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Without it, you’d be stuck at the barn – and in case of failure, you might suffer a catastrophic loss. Your safety – and that of your horse – hinges on your trailer being in good condition. Regular care and maintenance protects your investment, and helps to ensure that you and your mount arrive at your destination intact.

    Keep it Clean!

  • Giving a Pony for Christmas? Remember These Important Essentials and Accessories!

    Many kids dream of getting a pony for Christmas. If you’re thinking of fulfilling your child’s dream, be sure to pick up a few essentials and accessories to make the transition a fun, comfortable, and safe one!

    Add these Horse Tack Items to Your List

    If your family already owns horses, you may have everything  you need! Use this guide as a checklist to be certain that you’ve got everything necessary.

  • Organize It! Tips for Keeping Tack Trunks Tidy

    Organizing your horse tack keeps it looking new!

    Do you frequently find yourself digging through every piece of horse tack you own, frantically searching for that one hoof pick, brush, or stray bell boot? If so, it’s time to organize your tack trunk. Sure, it started out looking tidy, but then things happened, you were in a hurry, and items eventually ended up all over the place. Here are some tips for cleaning and organizing your tack trunk – and keeping it neat so you never have to burrow through all those odds and ends again.

    Begin with a Clean Slate

  • Specialized Western Horse Tack

    Cowboy tack is all the same, isn’t it? This sentiment may have held mostly true in the past, but things have changed in the world of equestrian tack. Visit any of the western tack shops in your area, and you are likely to see quite a few specialty items designed to enhance performance during specific sports / riding styles. From barrel racing tack with lightweight, streamlined designs to trail saddles meant to offer support during long adventures, there are many innovations to choose from.

  • Horse Tack: The Basics

    Basic horse tack offers safety and comfort while allowing horse and rider to communicate.

    Take a look at almost any rider on nearly any horse, and you’ll notice that there is quite a bit of equipment involved. Saddles, bridles, harnesses, halters, and other accessories are all part of the broader category known as horse tack. All of this may appear complicated to someone who is completely new to the world of riding, but the opposite is true: horse tack is fairly simple and straightforward once you learn a few basics and know what each piece is used for.

    A Head to Tail Look at Basic Horse Tack

  • English Horse Tack Essentials: You Can’t Leave the Barn Without Them

    English horse tack: It all starts with the saddle

    You may have a little familiarity with horse tack, or perhaps your are brand new to the world of riding altogether. Either way, it’s likely that you may be wondering what kind of English horse tack you’ll need to begin participating in dressage, eventing, polo, show jumping, or one of the many other disciplines that call for its use.

    English Saddles and Accessories

  • Selecting a Draft Horse Western Saddle

    Thanks to their surefootedness and gentle nature, draft horses are becoming more popular as everyday riding horses. Their large size contributes to a smooth feel, and their muscular frames lend them impressive stamina. Many who ride these big beauties prefer the security a draft horse western saddle offers. If you’re among them, you’ll appreciate these tips for selecting a saddle that fits you and your riding partner.