What's a Gaited Saddle?

When looking into the right saddle for you and your horse a gaited saddle might come up on the list. A gaited saddle is meant to allow more freedom in a horses shoulders to allow a high stepping motion that is a common attribute that “gaited” breeds are known for.


Gaited horse breeds are those who are bred and trained not to trot. If you are looking into a gaited horse breed or already have one then a gaited saddle would be the perfect style for their types of movements. You should, however, consider these factors when choosing a gaited saddle.


What are the gaited breeds?


There are many gaited breeds in existence today.


Some of the more popular breeds include…

  • Tennessee Walkers

  • Fox Trotters

  • Icelandic

  • Paso Finos

  • Rocky mountain horses


Many of these breeds have been bred and trained over time to not trot. This makes for a very smooth ride. If you are not interested in participating in rigorous jumping sports or strenuous activity with your animal a gaited breed will suit your needs best.


The features of a gaited saddle


When looking into a gaited saddle it is important to know the features that come along with it…

  • Saddle tree with gaited bars

A saddle tree is the part of the saddle that helps distribute a rider’s weight over the horses back to ensure long term comfort. In a gaited saddle the bars are cut narrower and flare out more towards the front as to not interfere with the shoulder movements. The shortness of the bars will also not interfere with the hind legs.

  • Higher gullet

The gullet is the cutout that sits on top of a horses withers. Gaited breeds often have higher set withers than other breeds. Having a saddle with a higher gullet will ensure that a horse may high step freely and not be restricted by the saddle.


Is a gaited saddle right for me?


If you have already invested in a gaited breed than a gaited saddle will sometimes be necessary depending on what kind of ride you’re looking for. Gaited breeds are known to not trot by nature and training so accommodating that with a comfortable saddle would be a good investment.


Those who experience back troubles will find a gaited breed to be excellent for their riding needs. Combing a gaited breed with the proper saddle will provide an extremely smooth ride for those retired from the vigorous sport life.


A gaited saddle is a good investment for anyone trying to optimize the abilities of their gaited breed. They are not always necessary but for those looking for a smoother and more comfortable ride they are perfect.


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