What is a Western Trophy Saddle?

Western Custom Trophy Ranch Saddle

Are you hosting a show or an event?  Are you looking for a great prize for your champions?  Have you ever considered a trophy saddle?


A trophy saddle makes a wonderful prize for any event!  It is a prize treasured by the winners and a great reminder of their experience at your event. 


Perhaps you just want the saddle to remind its owner of a special event or moment.  They make great birthday or anniversary presents! 


A trophy saddle, as a grand prize, will also draw more competitors to your event.  Past winners can say that they won the saddle at this event, which would draw an even larger group of participants at following events or shows.  Also the saddle further acts as additional advertising for your event whenever ridden in by past winners. 


With this many positives about a trophy saddle, you’d be foolish not to consider a trophy saddle for your next event, show, or special occasion.


SaddleOnline offers custom trophy saddles to fit your need.  The cost of the saddle is $649.99, this includes 40 characters for the engraving.  Any additional characters are 50 cents per character.  Please allow two weeks for the engraving, you can follow this link to the website page, Trophy Saddles.  If you are interested in a custom trophy from SaddleOnline, simply give us a call at (800)967-2335 to get your order started.


Make your next event or show one to remember with a western trophy saddle from SaddleOnline!