What is a Western Pleasure / Trail Horse Saddle?

Brown Western Pleasure Saddle with Floral Tooling

Pleasure saddles like their name imply are designed so that horse and rider enjoy the ride. These saddles are designed with the idea that you will be spending hours in the saddle. They are designed thus to be extremely comfortable. The saddle seat is typically heavily padded for hours of enjoyment in the saddle. The cantle is of medium height and dished to provide better cushion, so long trail rides will to not lead to saddle sores. This is the lazy boy version of the western saddle. They are typically lighter in weight than the traditional western ranch work saddle, which makes it easier on the horse for additional hours under saddle. The rigging is typically situated in the skirt to lessen the weight of the saddle. The skirt is usually square with a variety of tooling patterns. The horn is typically thinner and longer, because instead of roping off of it; it is used strictly as a way to hold on.

Basket Weave Tooled Western Pleasure SaddleNot only is the western pleasure saddle designed for comfort, but for rider security as well. The stirrups are wide and lined; thus providing the rider with more grip. Fenders are positioned underneath the rider's body to maintain proper riding position and center of gravity. The pommel or fork is higher to ensure the rider is more secure, especially in cases where that random deer decides to leap across your path . We have all had those moments on trail when a deeper seated saddle has saved us from a not so friendly meeting with the ground. The western pleasure saddle contains a double rigging in order to keep the back of the saddle down. Typically used in conjunction with the breast collar, which is provided SaddleOnline's Pleasure Saddles, prevents the saddle from slipping backwards when crossing ruff and uneven terrain. Nature is out there to enjoy, so make sure your saddle is designed to take it all in.

Western Pleasure Saddle with Loads of Leather TiesThe western pleasure/ trial saddle since designed for long rides contains add on features that other western saddles do not include. There are usually a lot of leather ties or d-rings provided so that you are able to carry additional gear, such as saddle bags. So when using a western pleasure saddle bringing along a water bottle or cell phone is simple and easy. So when looking for the perfect saddle for long rides look no further than the western pleasure/ trail saddle.