What is the Palomino World Show?

The Palomino World Show

The Palomino World Show is held annually at the end of July in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The world show is intended to provide an annual gathering of Palomino Horse Breeders of America association members, competitors and registered horses from across the country and globe. The best horse and rider teams from around the world compete against one another for top honors during this multi-day competition.

There are separate world shows for the youth riders and adult riders, though youth riders are eligible to qualify in the open division of the regular world show. The show brings together hundreds of competitors from a variety of diffent areas, breeds and riding diciplines.

The Palomino Horse Breeders of America

The Palomino Horse Breeders of America is a breed association dedicated to preserving and continuing the Palomino coat color. The association considers Palomino horses to be any horse that stands between 14 and 17 hands tall and is within the color range of a newly minted 14 karat gold coin. Horses can be lighter or darker than the coin, but should not have excess white on their bodies or a dark mane and tail.

A large number of registered Palomino horses are also registered with the American Quarter Horse Association and have two sets of registration papers. Other breeds eligible for registration with the PHBA include Arabians, Morgans, Paints, Tennessee Walking Horses, Thoroughbreds, Missouri Fox Trotters and just about any other purebred or non-purebred horse that meets the PHBA's height and color requirements. The associations only true registration rules are based upon the color of horses. Similarly, even if a foal has registered Palomino parents, if it is not Palomino it is not eligible for registry. This is different from the policy of most breed registries.

Palomino Breed Shows

Throughout the year, horses and owners who are registered active members of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America have the opportunity to compete in breed specific shows. These breed shows offer a variety events, including halter classes, showmanship classes, western pleasure, trail classes, hunter under saddle classes, jumping events and even barrel racing. Competitors travel to multiple shows throughout the year, earning points for their placings. Many shows are double and even triple judged so that riders are able to accumulate points more quickly.

Towards the end of the show season, these points are tallied up and horses with enough points are qualified for the Palomino World Show. The points are also counted towards the horses lifetime points totals. Horses with high lifetime points are given special note in the breed association and are often considered highly desirable by breeders and riders alike. These horses are often champions in more than one breed association due to the double registry of many Palominos.