What is the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association?

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

The MFTHBA specializes in the promotion and recognition of Missouri Fox Trotters as a horse breed. The MFTHBA is the officially recognized Missouri Fox Trotter association. It handles the registration of Missouri Fox Trotters, hosts events for Missouri Fox Trotter owners and enthusiasts, maintains breed records and promotes awareness of the breed as a whole. The MFTHBA is a world-wide organization and has separate divisions for youth and adult members.

The MFTHBA creates and publishes the official journal for the Missouri Fox Trotter breed. The MFTHBA is one of the primary sources of information and statistics regarding Missouri Fox Trotter horses, current breed specific events, and news.

About Missouri Fox Trotters

Missouri Fox Trotters are a specific breed of gaited horse with many unique attributes. The Missouri Fox Trotter's unique gait, commonly referred to as the 'fox trot', hence the name, is a four beat movement during which the horse will appear to be walking with its front legs and trotting with the hind. The fox trot is smoother than the traditional trot and has led to the horses gaining popularity among riders looking for a smoother ride.

The Missouri Fox Trotter breed first emerged from areas of the Ozark Mountains over 100 years ago. Continued efforts have been made by the MFTHBA and numerous horse breeders to maintain the breeds purity and ensure that the 'fox trot' gait continues to be a hallmark of the breed. Missouri Fox Trotters are generally considered to have a pleasant temperament and are well suited for pleasure riding.

History of the MFTHBA

The MFTHBA was originally chartered in 1948. The association's mission is to promote and preserve the relatively rare breeding of these horses. As of 2010, the MFTHBA had registered close to 100,000 individual horses world-wide. The MFTHBA is based out of Ava, Missouri and has been hosting breed shows as well as an annual Celebration for Missouri Fox trotter owners and fans since the late 1950s. The celebration is held in September each year and features multiple exhibitor classes as well as a wide assortment of networking and learning opportunities for association members.

The Missouri Fox Trotting Association currently owns the 130 acre 17 barn show facility where these breed events are hosted. The facility was originally purchased in 1976 and has been expanded as the association has grown throughout the decades.

Become a Member

Membership in the MFTHBA is open to anyone who would like to join. Membership dues vary by the type of membership selected. MFTHBA membership opportunities include annual individual, youth and corporate memberships as well as a lifetime membership option. As of 2005, the MFTHBA claimed to have over 8,000 active members across the globe. Membership applications are available on-line through the MFTHBA's website. Membership applications can be submitted digitally or accessed on-line, and then sent through the mail.