What is Flash Saddlery?

Western Ostrich Seat Barrel Racing Horse SaddleFlash Saddlery is a brand that provides high-end handmade saddles for the western show ring and the barrel racing ring.  The Flash Saddlery brand saddles are designed by equestrians for equestrians.  Who better to know the fashion trends and desired features in a saddle then your fellow riders?  The saddle designs undergo an extremely strenuous testing before any saddle undergoes final production.  All Flash Saddlery saddles are designed and tested in the United States. 


Flash Saddlery works on the forefront of saddle technology.  One can say that Flash Saddlery designers are the innovators of the western show saddle world!  They incorporate cutting edge designs to create bio-mechanically sound saddles that provide the best communication between horse and rider.  Overall Flash Saddlery products are contemporary and structurally superior to other brands.  With always up to date saddle trends and fashions, get ready to ride the wave of blue ribbons in a new saddle from Flash Saddlery. 


Follow the link to Flash Saddlery’s website: Flash Saddlery


Don’t miss this year’s Flash Saddlery limited edition western lightning bolt show saddle! 

Western Horse Lightning Bolt Show Saddle by Flash

This limited edition show saddle is truly going to shock the competition ring this season.  The hand engraved sliver plating with emphasizing lightning bolts are sure to draw the eye of any judge in any ring. This hand carved saddle is made from beautiful premium leather and accented throughout with a lovely hand-tooled floral pattern.  The tooling is spotlighted further by the silver beading on the fenders, skirt, stirrups, cantle, and pommel. Not only is this saddle beautiful, it's extra padded suede seat, suede lined stirrups, and thickly lined fleece underside make this saddle a comfortable ride for both you and your horse.  The skirt is cut in close-contact fashion ensuring that rider to horse communication is optimal, thus creating that effortless picture the judge is looking for.   So put a little FLASH in your show season this year!


Don’t miss this year’s Flash Saddlery limited edition black inlay zebra barrel saddle!


Zebra Western Horse Barrel Racing Saddle by FlashThis unique and truly bold barrel saddle will be the envy of all the other racers! Made with superior quality in mind, this saddle is crafted from 100% premium quality leather. The leather is further accented by the rough out jockeys, zebra hide on hair seat, and zebra print conchos. The saddle is spotlighted by the hand craved flowing floral tooling that is further emphasized by the hand painted black inlay.  The black inlay provides an eye-popping contrast to the zebra hide on hair seat.  The underneath of the saddle sports a premium and thick fleece lining for the horse's comfort, while the seat is a heavily padded for rider comfort.  So put a little FLASH into your next barrel run!


Flash Saddlery truly provides one of a kind masterpieces for horse and rider to enjoy.  Enjoy your next Flash Saddlery saddle!