What is an Australian Stock Horse Saddle?

Brown Comfortable Australian Leather Horse SaddleThe Australian Stock Saddle was designed originally by English settlers, in the late 1700's, for the purpose of handling livestock. The settlers made changes to the English saddle they were commonly accustomed to.  These modifications where to accommodate long hours in the saddle, cow work, and steep/ uneven terrain. The most obvious changes to the traditional English saddle were the addition of the Poleys or the kneepads. When sitting in the saddle, these poleys help keep the rider secure over various terrain. The girth system was also changed for rider safety. The double girthing system with an over and under girth allow for more leverage and a tighter girth. This keeps the saddle from slipping. Also if a billet strap should break, the over girth provides additional security.  The stirrups were designed for easy release. So if the rider should fall, the stirrups will release from the saddle reducing the chance of injury. Overall, the Australian saddle was designed for rider and horse security, comfort, performance, lightweight, and reliability. 

Australian Stock Endurance Trail Saddle

Australian saddles today feature well-padded seats for rider comfort.  The position of the seat and poleys allow for a balanced rider position that is secure and easy on the rider’s knees.   The Aussie saddle is typically lightweight (14-26 pounds) and an excellent choice for the rider that does not want a heavy western saddle. The Aussie saddle underside consist of wool-stuffed panels. Which after use, conform to the horse and provide the horse with a comfortable fit.  The stirrups release easily for rider safety; especially in cases where the rider has fallen and is danger of being dragged. This makes the Aussie saddle a safer saddle for the rider. The saddle is designed to be a close-contact saddle, so the rider can best communicate with their mount. Additional features include d-rings for saddlebags.  So if you are an avid trail/ pleasure rider consider the Australian Stock Saddle. It will be a comfortable ride for both rider and horse through any terrain.