What is the American Quarter Horse Association?

American Quarter Horse Profile


The American Quarter Horse is a legend in Western equine culture. This breed combines brute strength with graceful aesthetics, making it perfect for athletic showcases and equestrian exhibitions. They are famous for its ability to sprint short distances faster than other stocks. However, it is only in 1940 when a registry was created for its preservation, which is one of the foremost duties of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).

Texan Beginnings

Fort Worth in Texas, USA is the founding home of the AQHA. Incidentally, the birth of the American Quarter Horse registry also paved the way for its own dedicated group, now known as the AQHA. At present, the association is based in Amarillo, Texas.

From the start, the American Quarter Horse Association had their work cut out for them. Given that they oversee the only registry of the American Quarter Horse, controversies about preference and policy difference soon surfaced. Some breeders felt that the AQHA became too discriminatory, while others claim that the process of certification is not good enough. But the advent of genetics studies calmed this angry sea, as the organization went through the ebb and tide of modern times.

Member Privileges

Obviously, the AQHA represents a slice of Americana reminiscent of cowboys and the Wild Wild West era. But beyond the privilege of being part of a cultural phenomenon, being part of the AQHA gives you access to information and networks that could nurture your love and knowledge for this classic American horse pedigree. Below are some of the association’s notable member privileges:

Horse Research

Are you planning to acquire a horse, but its lineage is still cast in the shadow of doubt? Much like a family tree, the American Quarter Horse can trace their ancestry to one single family. If there are any variations, then it comes from inter-breeding or from the importation of this stock to other countries. The AQHA maintains a comprehensive library of this particular horse pedigree, especially from the time of the association’s creation way back in the 1940s.

Record Keeping

Aside from the ancestral papers of every American Quarter Horse in existence before the Second World War, the association is also a reliable source for records that reveals the ability and performance of each horse. Included in their archives are the following: show records, dam records, and grandsire records, among others. Like the family tree, these figures are also very helpful when prospecting for a certain American Quarter Horse.

Business Services

Still, the AQHA is not all records and research. Through their connections, enthusiasts and collectors can ask for assistance in sales transactions or even in finding a certain type of American Quarter Horse. Simply contact their headquarters in order to put forward your inquiry.

Other Benefits

The AQHA also publishes their own magazine, dedicated to the craft of breeding the American Quarter Horse. Their members receive this magazine for free, aside from other updates that are given electronically or through the mail. Discounts in partner establishments can also be availed, whether you will opt for a Youth, Amateur, or General type of membership account