Western Saddlery For Chicks

       Every Cowgirl dreams of riding the range or getting the fastest time running barrels at the next rodeo. Cowgirl chicks want to kick butt and look good doing it! Finding the best western saddlery for chicks can be difficult. Rodeo Cowgirls want flashy, blinged out saddles that will look great in the show ring. Whoever said that rodeos are not just for the cowboys! Western cowgirl chicks love to look great in the saddle while kicking up some serious dirt! If you are a Cowgirl looking for a western saddlery for chicks, look no further. Check out Saddleonline today and find your perfect, flashy rodeo saddle today!


       Here at Saddleonline, we carry a variety of great saddles for every individual cowgirl chick. Whether you are looking for a trail saddle, barrel saddle, or show saddle, we have them all! We carry a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Our barrel saddles are designed with quality in mind and are sure to turn heads at the rodeo! With intricate detail, vibrant colors, and flashy silver and diamond accents, our barrel saddles will keep you secure in the saddle while shaving off seconds during your barrel racing runs. Our barrel saddles are light weight, designed with a deeper secure seat, and offer the ultimate protection to keep you safe in the saddle.

       At Saddleonline, we also offer the best trail saddles for our western cowgirl chicks! Made for comfort, our trail saddles will keep you comfortable for long hours in the saddle. Each saddle is made with a thickly padded seat and we also offer a variety of styles and colors. Our special designed trail saddle are made with both horse and rider in mind. With close contacting skirts and structured wood-based fiberglass trees, our trail saddles help to alleviate pressure points on your horse’s back and keep him happy while on trails! Each trail saddle seat is also made with a thick foam cushion that will keep your bottom happy for hours. For trail saddles, we offer a great selection from the brand Northwood Saddlery. Northwood Saddlery specialize in pleasure/trail saddles and have perfected the trail saddle design.   



       You can also find a great selection of western show saddles at SaddleOnline.com! We carry a variety of show saddles and brands. At SaddleOnline, you can find top quality brands such as Flash Saddlery. Flash Saddlery specializes in western show saddles and is known for their flashy detail! We also offer our own in-house saddle brand that we have designed ourselves! All our saddles are made with 100% natural cow hide leather, so every saddle is made natural materials. Saddleonline offers high end show saddles with intricate detail. These details can been seen in the hand carved tooling, as well as in the flashy silver accents!


       So if you are looking for a great western saddlery for chicks, check out SaddleOnline.com today! At SaddleOnline, have the perfect saddle selection for every western cowgirl chick. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 967-2335 or send us an email at sales@saddleonline.com and we will be happy to assist you!