Western Horse Tack

          When you get your own horse, it is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, owning a horse brings with it a lot of responsibility. As well as taking good care of your horse, you also have to outfit it with the best horse tack. Most horse owners these days choose to use the standard Western tack. If you are looking to outfit your horse with tack, here is a beginner’s guide to selecting the right gear from the tack shop.


Start with a Blanket:


          The first piece of horse tack that is part of a Western setup is the saddle pad or blanket. Do not skimp at the tack shop when it comes to picking out a saddle pad. A thick, luxurious saddle pad will make your horse much more comfortable, and it will also make you more comfortable when you are riding. However, it is also important not to go overboard with the pad thickness. If the saddle pad is too thick, it will prevent the saddle from sitting securely on your horse. Talk to the staff at the tack store to find the perfect saddle pad for your horse.


Saddle Up:


          Of course, the most important part of your horse tack is the saddle. There are all kinds of saddles available and the saddle you select is very much a matter of personal preference. A good tack store will have a wide variety of saddles from which to choose from, and will usually have both western and English style selections. You should look through the saddle selection at the tack shop carefully to find one that fits your riding needs and personal style. If you are wanting to ride the trails for fun, then you should look into purchasing a pleasures/trail saddle. If you are going to be doing ranch work, then you would look at the ranching saddles. There are many different categories of saddles and you want to make sure that you purchase a saddle that is going to fit your specific riding needs.  Most Western riders choose lighter saddles with decorative horns. However, if you do a lot of roping, you will want to get a saddle that is equipped with a thicker horn.


Other Gear:


          As well as the saddle and blanket, there is three other basic pieces of horse tack that you will need for a Western tack setup. This includes a girth, a horse bit, and bridle. You will need a girth/cinch that will securely fasten your saddle to your horse. Most girths/cinches are sold separately from the saddle and they too come in a variety of sizes and designs. Make sure you pick out a girth/cinch that is compatible with the saddle you have and will also fit your horse well.


          In addition, you will also need a bit and bridle. It is best at first to go with an adjustable bridle so that you can experiment to find the perfect setup for your horse and riding style. Bits also come with many different purposes. When choosing a bit, you want to make sure that it will work well with your horse and the type of riding that you will be doing. Once you have your essential tack equipment, your Western tack setup will be complete. To find all your essential riding tack and equipment, check out Saddleonline.com today!