Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Blankets

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Blankets

          As the colder months are approaching, horse blanket season is just around the corner! Finding the right type and size for a horse blanket can be tough, but here are a couple questions and solutions to help make it easier for you!

1. How do I know what size blanket to buy?

          Before you do any blanket purchasing for you horse, you want to make sure that you get your horse’s measurements first! That is the only way that you will be able to buy the right size blanket for your horse. You will want to measure from the center of your horse chest, to the middle of his hindquarters. To read step by step instructions on how to measure your horse for the perfect horse blanket fit, check out our Beginner’s Guide: Horse Blankets.

2. Is my horse blanket washable?

          Most horse blankets are machine washable. Just pop it in the washing machine, wash with regular laundry soap, and then let it hang to dry. Some blankets and sheets may not be machine washable and may be required to be washed by hand. Make sure you always look at the manufacture's washing instructions before taking action!

3. How do I know what kind/type of blanket to order?

          Figuring out which kind of blanket to buy for your horse is all going to depend on your horse’s circumstance. Is your horse going to be outside or inside, what season is it, and whether or not your horse has a natural coat or a clipped coat are all important questions to consider. If your horse is going to be outside, you will want to look into purchasing a turnout blanket or turnout sheet. These are going to be water proof and more durable for when your horse is outside. If your horse is going to be inside most of the time, you would want to look into purchasing a stable blanket. Stable blankets are NOT water proof and are only used for horses who are inside the barn or being transported.

4. How do I know if my winter blanket will keep my horse properly warm?

          Each horse blanket is made with different degrees of insulation. This blanket insulation is also referred to as “fill.” Depending on the amount of fill that your horse blanket has, that is going to be the determining factor on how warm the blanket will be. The fill for every blanket is measured in grams. The higher number of fill grams that are in your blanket depict the level of warmth that the horse blanket will provide. Depending on the environment that your horse is in will also help to decipher how warm of a blanket your horse will need. As was mention before, some deciding factors include whether your horse is inside or outside, if you horse has a thicker or thinner coat, or whether or not your horse is clipped. These are all good things to consider when looking at horse blankets and how thick your blanket fill should be. Here is a table to help make purchasing horse blankets easier!

  Blanket Fill

Degree of Warmth Provided

  Sheet = Zero Fill

Windbreaker = No Warmth

  100 grams

Light Warmth

  150 grams

Light/Medium Warmth

  200 grams

Medium Warmth

  250 grams

Medium/Heavy Warmth

  300 grams

Heavy Warmth

  400 grams

Extreme Warmth



Regular Coat

Clipped Coat

50-60 Degrees


Light Blanket = 100 g

40-50 Degrees

Light Blanket =100 grams

Light/Medium Blanket = 150-250 g

30-40 Degrees

Light/ Medium Blanket = 150 -250 g

Medium/Heavy Blanket =200-300 g

20-30 Degrees

Medium/Heavy Blanket = 200-300 g

Heavy = 300-400 g

Below 20 Degrees

Heavy Blanket = 300-400 g

Heavy = 300-400 g + Blanket Liner


            5. Is my horse blanket durable?

          Horse blankets/sheets come in all different kinds of durability. The durability depth of your horse blanket is all going to depend on the materials that it is made of and the amount of “denier” that is manufactured into the material. The “denier” is referred to the blankets outer material and its durability is measured by the thickness of the thread count. The higher the denier thread count is, the more durable the horse blanket will be!

  Denier Thread Count



  Very Light Durability


  Light Durability


  Medium Durability


  Heavy Durability


  Extra Heavy Durability


  Extreme Durability

                For all your horse blanket needs, check out our horse blankets at SaddleOnline! You can also find more information about sheets and blankets by clicking Horse Blankets 101.