Tips for Shopping Equestrian Clearance Sales

When you hear the words “equestrian clearance” do you picture some dismal, dusty leftovers sitting in a forgotten corner of your local feed store or tack shop? While this type of clearance sale can certainly yield some good finds, be sure to spend some time shopping with SaddleOnline before spending your time and gas money hunting for the things you need. Here are some pointers to help you save money by strategically shopping equestrian clearance sales.

Buy Before the Need Arises

Some things wear out over time, and if you’ve been around horses long, you know that certain things are prone to damage or breakage. Instead of spending current market price on things like fly masks, halters, lead ropes, and bridles, why not pick up a spare or two when they’re on clearance, and simply store them until they’re needed? Whether you purchase items available here or pick up things like brushes, hoof picks (a spare or two is welcome at any barn!) or horse wormer locally, shopping equestrian clearance sales will let you save your money for a rainy day.

Find a Great Equestrian Clearance Sale? Buy Gifts Ahead of Time!

Horse gifts are almost always appreciated, and planning ahead allows you to buy ahead of that important birthday or holiday. This is a great strategy that you might already use for different types of gifts; for example it’s a lot easier on your budget to buy Christmas gifts all year long than it is to try to beat the crowds and hit holiday sales. Make a list of all the horse lovers on your list, and get those important gifts while costs are low. You can get great deals on saddles with SaddleOnline’s year-round equestrian clearance events, saving lots of money while knowing that your gift will be among the recipient’s favorites. As a bonus – and something you aren’t likely to find at sales locally – many of the English and Western clearance saddles on our site come complete with tack. Talk about a fantastic gift that’s sure to blow someone’s mind, this is it! Visit periodically to see new deals.

Comparison Shop

Comparison shopping is a fantastic way to save money. If you know you want or need a certain item, spend a little time looking for it at an ongoing equestrian clearance sale. Don’t be surprised if you find the best price here; as you may know, SaddleOnline has an in-house design team that builds amazing saddles without the added cost of a middleman, ultimately passing savings on to our customers. Because we deal in high volumes, we are often able to offer lower prices on brand-name saddles, tack, and other items as well.

Check Out the Return Policy

Be careful about purchasing anything if there’s no return policy in place. Many businesses will not accept returns on equestrian clearance items: They’re just happy to have made room for new stock. Accepting returns and exchanges is part of our philosophy. As long as items – clearance or not – are in new condition with original tags, we’ll gladly take them back if they’re not right for you or your horse. Learn more by reading our return policy.