Tips for Choosing the Best Horse Saddle

When entering the equestrian world, the most expensive investment besides the actual horse is the saddle. Being that a saddle is a very important and expensive investment it is crucial to research and choose the best saddle suited for your horse and your needs.


Choosing the right western saddle can seem like an overwhelming challenge but there are some elements to consider that can narrow your view when making this decision.


Know what style you’re looking for


Depending on what kind of sport you and your horse are engaging in will generally dictate the type of saddle you buy. Different activities such as dressage, jumping, or sidesaddle classes all will require different types of saddles.


If you are simply taking your horse for a walk on the trail a western trail saddle will most likely suit your needs best. However if you’ll be taking the occasional jump during your trail ride a general purpose English saddle might also work out for you.


It is important to research on the types of saddles that are required for the activities you and your horse are participating in. It is important to know whether you will be needing a pleasure/trail saddle as opposed to a barrel racing saddle.


Look into the material options


The options these days are definitely not what they used to be. The general materials to choose from are leather and synthetic. When synthetic was first introduced it came in mostly bright colors that made it untraditional for showing. Now synthetic saddles come in very natural and traditional looking leather and suede-like materials.


Synthetic saddles are much lighter, easier to clean, and initially cost much less than a leather saddle. Synthetic is also a great option if you are looking for more color variety in your saddle. However synthetic saddles do not have the same longevity that leather saddles do.


When picking out a material for your saddle it is important to be sure the quality is what you are looking for. Leather is often times more expensive but if bought from the wrong source the quality can be compromised.


Get a perfect fit


Making sure the saddle will fit both the horse and the rider should be a number one priority. When a saddle does not fit properly it can cause many health and training problems with the horse as well as posture problems for the rider.


Looking for the perfect fit mostly has to do with the gullet of the saddle. Making sure the width of the gullet is appropriate will avoid any pinching or discomfort to your horse. You will also have to take the shape of your horses back into consideration.


A rider should also be sure that they fit in the saddle so they can maintain their position.


Choosing the best horse saddle is a serious investment for you and your animal. Whether you are looking for a pleasure/trail saddle or a barrel racing saddle, picking the right saddle for you specific needs will ensure that your horse does not have any problems and that everything runs smoothly during your activities.


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