Synthetic Western Saddles

       Almost everyone conjures to mind the typical western saddle when picturing what a saddle looks like. Western saddles are the ones that were popularized by the famous "cowboys," and they were mostly used in western riding and cattle ranching. During cowboy days, saddles were made out of leather. Although you can still buy leather saddles today, they tend to be expensive and require more maintenance than some more modern types of saddles.


       Thanks to innovations in the textile industry, manufacturers are now able to manufacture synthetic western saddles that are made of synthetic materials rather than leather. While some riders might prefer to use traditional leather saddles, there are definitely some benefits that synthetic western saddles offer over traditional ones.

Lower Price:

       One of the most beneficial aspect about synthetic western saddles is that they come with a lower price tag compared to a traditional leather saddle. Synthetic materials are usually produced in factories by machines, and they are also produced on a mass production basis. This means that more of them are able to be manufactured at a time compared to leather ones. Therefore, this makes it easy for synthetic saddles to be sold at cheaper prices.



       The aesthetic appearance of synthetic saddles is oftentimes just as pleasing compared to a leather saddle, if not more so. Some synthetic materials have the same appearance as leather, and others may have a more modern look to them. Synthetic saddles offer the best of both worlds! With synthetic saddles you receive the look of a traditional leather saddle, but you also get the easy maintenance of a synthetic saddle.


     Durability and Maintenance:

       Synthetic western saddles are arguably just as durable as leather ones. However, the great thing about synthetic materials is that they do not have to undergo the maintenance that leather saddles do. Leather saddles must be oiled and cleaned regularly, and they are also susceptible to damage from certain elements. These elements included damp storage condition, rain, snow, and so on. Synthetic saddles, on the other hand, do not become damaged under such conditions! Synthetic saddles are made with materials that can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth and mild detergent. All you have to do is wipe them down and you are ready to go!

Types of Materials

       Synthetic saddles can be made from various types of materials. Some of the most common types of synthetic saddles on the market include the following:


  • Cordura
  • Equileather
  • Equisuede
  • BioThane
  • Beta BioThane


       If you're looking for a saddle that doesn't require intensive maintenance and that is priced at a more budget-friendly price, then you might want to consider checking out some of the synthetic saddles for sale on the market. Check out Saddleonline today and find your perfect synthetic saddle!