Step By Step Instructions (With Pictures) : How to Tie Your Western Cinch/ Girth

Step 1:Cinch on off billet

Take the cinch and attach the buckle to the off billet.
















Step 2:Loop the latigo through the cinch

Loop the latigo strap through the buckle of the cinch on the opposite side. 
















Step 3:

Loop the latigo strap a second time through the cinch buckle.

Step 4:Take latigo strap to the right

Take the end of the latigo strap and bring it across the front of the cinch buckle.





Step 5:take latigo across front of the ring

Loop the latigo strap around the opposite side of the cinch ring; creating a loop of strap in the front of the cinch buckle.






Create a knot through ring









Step 6:Pull through to create cinch knot

Take the end of the latigo strap and pull it through the back of the loop; creating a knot.





Step 7:

Pull down on strap to tighten the knot.Pull to tighten knot
















Step 8:

If the cinch is too loose pull up on the loop of laitgo that runs through the cinch buckle to the rigging on the saddle.  This will loosen the knot.  Pull the excess latigo strap back through the knot and tighten the knot again.

Step 9:

Once cinch/ girth is tight, mount up and Enjoy the RIDE!