Step By Step Instructions (With Pictures) : How to Put on the Over and Under Girths of your Aussie Saddle

Aussie saddle without fendersStep 1:

Pull back flap near knee blocks and slide the fender loops onto the stirrup bars.  Make sure that your fenders are hanging correctly on the saddle.



Aussie stirrup bar











Fender slip on saddle






Aussie fenders on stirrup bar










Fenders on Aussie saddle














Step 2:

Take the over girth and place over the pommel of the saddle.  The d-ring side should be on the left side of the saddle and the strap with the holes should be on the right side of the Aussie overgirthsaddle.


Aussie overgirth Leftside









Aussie overgirth rightside


















Step 3:

Then insert the over girth sides through the saddle flaps.


Insert Aussie overgirth


Aussie overgirth inserted


















Step 4:

Attach the under girth to the two buckle straps on the right side of the saddle. Aussie under girth




Rightside under flap




Over and Under girths attached right side



















Step 5:

Pull the under girth around your horse’s belly and attach the buckle strap to the under girth and loop the under strap through the D-ring on the left side of the saddle.  Then tighten the girth by using both straps.  The D-ring strap allows for additional leverage when tightening the girths. 

Under flap left side of saddle

Over and Under girths attached left side


















Step 6:

Once the girth is tight, mount up, and Enjoy the RIDE!