Step By Step Instructions (With Pictures) : How to Adjust Western Stirrups

Step 1:Remove the hobble strap

Remove the Hobble strap from around the fender.














Hobble strap removed












Step 2:

Slide the Blevins buckle up, freeing the fender from the holes.  Back of the fender

















Slide blevin buckle up




















Remove the buckle from holes










Step: 3:

Insert the fender into a new set of holes. 

This with change the overall lenInsert buckle into new set of holesgth of the stirrups.

















Step 4:

Slide the Blevins buckle back down locking the buckle in place.slide buckle back on













Lock blevin buckle in place

















Step 5:

Buckle the Hobble strap back onto the fender.Put hobble strap back on









Step 6:

Mount up and Enjoy the RIDE!