Show Saddles For Sale

       As their name implies, show saddles for sale are saddles that are specially designed for horse shows and looking fancy. Essentially, they are fashioned with custom embroidery and other beautiful features that are made for showing off. Quite different from typical work saddles, show saddles are designed to be aesthetically-pleasing to the eye rather than simply durable enough for work purposes.

       When you're looking for show saddles for sale, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to help you pick the best saddle to fit your needs. For instance, most show saddles are designed with the historical elements of the typical western saddle that was first used for western riding and cattle ranching. The saddles were made to be comfortable enough for long hours of riding over rough terrain and are the ones that are automatically associated with the "cowboys" of old. When you're looking for show saddles, ensure that you select a saddle that is comfortable for both you and the horse. Just as different types of saddles will sit different with you, so will they fit differently on different breeds of horses. Some of the things to consider when selecting a show saddle is the breed of horse, the inseam of the rider, the weight of the rider.

       Typical show saddles have shiny silver plating on them and other design elements that are "flashy". The silver is often times carved/embroided with special designs. This makes the show saddles stand out in the show ring and helps to catch the judge’s eye! To help keep the silver of the saddle in good shape, you should always cover the saddle when it's not in use. Additionally, there are plenty of cleaners on the market designed to keep polishes shiny and "new-looking" and to help prevent tarnishing.

             Additionally, take into consideration the age of the person you're buying the saddle for. For instance, if you're buying the saddle for a teenager who's still got a bit of growing to do, make sure you don't buy the saddle too small. A saddle that fits a teen right now, might not fit him or her later on. At that same time, take care not to select a saddle that is too big. While it's important to have room to grow into the saddle, there shouldn't be too much extra room, or the rider won't be able to sit in the saddle comfortably. Click Here to find a saddle fitting guide just for you!

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