SaddleOnline’s Horse Saddles and Ralph Lauren Polo

Polo is commonly called the “Sport of Kings” is a worldwide sport that has garnered more attention in the last couple of decades.  Originally played in Persia, the sport of polo is now competed in such countries as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, France, Germany,  New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United Sates.  The object of the game is to score goals against the opposing team.  A goal is scored when a small ball is driven into the opposing team’s goal with a mallet.  The sport is played traditionally outdoors in a large grass field, however recently the sport has been adapted to play indoors as well.  Each polo team consists of four players and their horses.  It is played at high speeds and involves intricate maneuvering.  The game last roughly two hours and is divided into periods called “chukkers”.  The most commonly used breed for “polo ponies” is the thoroughbred or thoroughbred cross, the “polo pony” must have speed, stamina, agility and maneuverability. 

SaddleOnline Saddles Displayed in Ralph Lauren Window

The sport of polo has long been the inspiration of the fashion line, Ralph Lauren.  The polo shirt is designed and fashioned after the polo player’s uniform.  The logo for Ralph Lauren, of the single polo player and his mount, has become a worldwide symbol for high-end quality fashion.  Ralph Lauren operates many stores which include locations in the high-end fashion world, such as New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, Greenwich, Moscow, and Chicago.

SaddleOnline's English Saddles and Ralph Lauren Polo

Recently, Ralph Lauren purchased over 40 English saddles from SaddleOnline.  These saddles went to the design and marketing teams of Ralph Lauren for use in their displays.  Saddleonline’s English line of saddles can now be seen throughout the country, in such cites window displays as Las Vegas, Nevada (pictured).  Ralph Lauren and SaddleOnline both working to promote, produce, market, and sell high-end quality products.


SaddleOnline’sBlack English Saddle English saddle line is designed with the elegance and style that is seen throughout the English riding world.   A high quality saddle from this line is great addition to any English rider’s mount.  The saddles come in variety of styles to suit the rider’s need, whether looking for the all-purpose saddle or the jumping saddle.  Also available in a variety of classic colors, such as black, brown, Havana, or tan; there is an English saddle suited just for you.  For sizing and additional English saddle information please refer to our blog page about English saddles and our English saddle line page.


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