Saddle Care and Maintenance


Saddle Care and Maintenance


Purchasing a saddle is a major investment. Learning how to take proper care of your new saddle will help you make the most of your new purchase for years to come.


How to Care for a Leather Saddle


In order to care for your leather saddle properly, you will need to purchase cleaning products that are especially designed for use on leather, such as saddle soap and leather conditioner.


Clean your saddle by applying a small amount of saddle soap onto a damp rag or cloth and then rubbing it gently onto the leather to remove any dirt on the saddle. Allow the saddle soap to build up a slight foam as you clean. When the saddle is clean, wipe the remaining soap away with a clean, dry cloth.


After you apply saddle soap to your saddle, condition the leather by applying a leather conditioner to the saddle using a dry cloth. Allow the conditioner to soak into the leather in order to keep it supple. Make a special effort to rub the conditioner into the leather in areas that seem dry or show signs of beginning to crack. Wipe away excess with a clean cloth.


In between cleanings, it is advisable to remove dust and debris from your leather saddle by periodically wiping it down with a clean cloth. Store your leather saddle in a clean, dry location where it will not be exposed to extreme temperature changes or the elements.


How to Care for a Synthetic Saddle


Synthetic saddles require less care and maintenance overall than leather saddles, however that does not mean synthetic saddles are completely maintenance free.


Clean your synthetic saddle by applying a gentle hand-soap to a clean washcloth and wiping down the saddle to remove all excess dirt and debris from the surface. Dust the saddle off with a dry washcloth to keep it clean in between actual cleanings.


When you are not using your synthetic saddle, store it in a dry, clean location where it will not be exposed to the elements.