Parts of the Australian Stock Saddle

          The Australian Stock Saddles are designed for long, endurance, pleasure trail riding,   With a design that is half English saddle and half western the Aussie saddle combines the best of both worlds.


      One major difference in an Australian saddle is the depth of the seat.  With a high pommel, with or with out the horn, and a high cantle this type of saddle really holds you in your seat. 

Knee Pad

     To aid further in that are the knee pads.  These "pads" are designed to be about 3/4 of an inch above your thigh as you are riding.  They are just another feature that aides you in maintaining you seat while riding in rough terrain.


      The overgirth on the Aussie saddle is another safety and comfort measure for the rider and the horse.  The overgirth is a piece of leather that runs over the front of the seat of the saddle, down under the flaps on each size where there is a  opening designed for the overgirth.  On the underside of the saddle now the overgirth lines up with the other billet that is found under the flap.  These two billets are attached to the girth just like a regular English saddle.


   The girth that comes with our Aussie saddle is designed for use with just the saddle.   The two buckles and leather top to the girth  give it extra strength. While the girth its self is designed to absorb sweat and wick it away from the horse.


The flank girth ring

   The flank girth ring is where you would attach and use a back cinch.

The breast plate attachment

   Where you would attach a breast plate/collar.  There are rings on the girth to attach a breast collar/plate to as well.

Because most Australasian Stock Saddles are purpose built saddles you will also find many "d"-rings, and other places to attach a saddle bag or any other accessory you would need to carry out on trail.