An Overview of The All American Quarter Horse Congress

Western Quarter Horse

The All American Quarter Horse Congress

In the western part of the United States, horses are more than just another animal. Horses form an important part of the cultural make-up and history. From the Wild Wild West to today’s somber mid-west towns, the American Quarter Horse continues to be the object of fancy and scrutiny by both enthusiasts and serious breeders. Breed specific groups such as the American Quarter Horse Association are created for knowledge sharing and community building in preserving and improving this particular horse breed.

The American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the United States, this species combine athletic prowess and performance quotient. Quarter Horses excel in sprinting short distances of around a quarter mile or less. Clocking speed of up to 55 mph, they remain a favorite of racing stables.

However, it is not only their physical abilities that capture the imagination of its ardent fans. Blessed with a compact body, the American Quarter Horse is known for its versatility and agility in a variety of equestrian competitions. Quarter horses are commonly used for both English and Western riding disciplines.

Establishment and History

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is a yearly event organized by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association. Quarter Horse Congress is an almost month long event that allows breeders, riders and horses to compete in a variety of events and well as hosts an assortment of educational opportunities and convention activities. The purpose of Quarter Horse Congress is to promote the American Quarter Horse and educate horse enthusiasts about the breed.

Location and Shows

The Ohio Expo Center is home to the AAQHC, which attracts more than 650,000 people each year. The state fairgrounds can hold the volume of spectators, horses, and breeders that the three-week scheduled program can produce. According to 2009 reports, more than 17,000 entries for the horse show were received and an estimated 8,500 American Quarter Horses were kept at the facility for the entire duration of the event.

Aside from its historic location, the AAQHC is also known for the circus of activities that can entertain the general public. Of course, there are the Quarter Horse show and racing events, done according to the rules and regulations of the association.

Walk around and commercial exhibits held in a space of more than seven acres will prove to be a visual treat. Breeders can also compete among each other, with a Youth tournament, Collegiate, and the 4-H/FFA horse-judging contest. For prospective buyers, the Super Sale horse auction can reveal valuable finds and rare gems for their collection. Lectures, demonstrations, and even public speaking contests are open for everyone.

Economic Impact

One of the more surprising contributions of the AAQHC is the money that it brings into the Central Ohio economy. A whooping 110 million dollars a year is generated by the association, which pumps up spending and consumption. Still, its dedication to the development and protection of the American Quarter Horse breed remains the heart and soul of this annual wonderland.