Narrowing Down Your Best Choice for a Show Saddle


When choosing the right type of saddle for a show horse the options at times can seem overwhelming. With such a hefty investment it is best to narrow down to the best choice. This can seem difficult with all the options that are available these days but there are definitely guidelines to follow that can help with this.


The best choice for a show saddle might not immediately jump out to you but when taking certain factors into consideration your choices will be narrowed down significantly.


Pay for quality


It can be intimidating but a quality saddle can range anywhere from $500-1000. If you want the optimal lifespan of your saddle it is important to pay for quality. However you must research deeply into the brand or source you are purchasing from.


Just because it is a reputable brand doesn’t mean they never produce a dud. Certain brands might be known to specialize in a certain type of saddle and it may not be the one you’re looking for. Shopping by brand should not be a concern as long as the product is quality.


With vigorous sport and showing it is crucial to make sure your saddle is of the highest quality.


Make sure its compatible


It’s not always necessary to buy a separate saddle for every activity you participate in but there are definitely saddles more compatible for showing than for barrel racing. Making sure your saddle is compatible to the activity at hand will keep it in the proper condition for a longer period of time.


When you pick the most compatible saddle option for showing a horse you can be sure that your horse will be comfortable.


Fit properly


Once you have decided the quality and compatibility of your saddle, finding the proper fit will narrow down your option significantly. When trying to determine the proper fit you must consider both you as the rider and your animal.


The gullet of the saddle must properly fit your horse’s width and withers while at the same time providing you with the right amount of space to maintain your position.


Making sure the saddle fits properly will avoid any injuries or training problems with your horse. A proper fit will keep your horse comfortable and willing to perform which is what every rider wants.


It can be very overwhelming when looking at the array of saddles that are available. When narrowing down your best choice for a show saddle every rider should take the quality, the compatibility, and the fit into consideration. It is a riders responsibility to offer the most comfortable and compatible option for both them and their horse.


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