The Men’s Duster Coat: A Sturdy Wardrobe Staple

If you’ve seen old Western movies, then you’ve probably admired the men’s duster coats that are such a ubiquitous part of the traditional wardrobe! More than just a style statement, these cool coats have an interesting place in history, and they remain very popular today. Working horsemen, casual riders, and people who simply enjoy the iconic look of western clothing styles enjoy wearing dusters.

What is a Men’s Duster Coat?

Great question! There are a few different kinds of duster coats for men: some offer full-length coverage, hitting the leg at the ankle or just a short distance above it. Others fall to the knee or stop at about mid-thigh.

Traditional men’s duster coats were made of light-colored canvas or linen. These coats got their name from their intended purpose, which was to protect clothing from the dust of the road, which could be quite heavy along popular routes or for those who were riding in large groups. The lightweight material allowed the rider to stay fairly cool.

Like old-fashioned dusters, today’s duster coat designs are normally slit up the back, all the way up to hip level. This design allows the rider to straddle the horse without sitting on his coattails, and it also contributes to the coat’s stylish appearance.

A flap over the shoulders provides protection from wind, rain, and snow. While the first dusters didn’t provide much protection from moisture, tailors soon realized that the coats would be much more practical if they incorporated some kind of waterproofing. Soon, men’s duster coats were manufactured with oilcloth or waxed cotton.

Today’s dusters offer a number of similarities to the old-fashioned coats that spawned this long-lasting style. First, many (including the ones you’ll find here at Saddle Online) are made with oilskin. Despite the name, which might make you think that our men’s duster coats are made of leather, this material is actually a type of fabric. Ours is made with 100 percent cotton, and is infused not just once, but twice, with a special formula made with oil and wax. This fabric has a soft, heavy feel and ensures protection against rain, wind, and even snow.

Where old-fashioned duster coats had buttons, ours have strong, high-quality snap closures. Most styles feature snaps up the front as well as on outer pocket buttons and in other areas where an adjustable fit is desirable.

When to Wear a Men’s Duster Coat

You might be a little surprised to learn that the duster is actually the Western wear version of the traditional trench coat. It is an excellent all-purpose design that will carry you comfortably through a variety of situations. Our coats are perfect for horseback riding, as well as for motorcycle riding. They’re also great for everyday wear during inclement weather, with soft flannel linings that provide additional comfort and warmth. If you like the look of the men’s duster coat, you can wear it anytime!

Our dusters come in a wide array of sizes, including men’s and ladies. So gear up! Don’t let a little weather stop you from enjoying the great outdoors.