Looking for an Exciting Aussie Sport: You have found it in the sport of Campdrafting

Aussie Stock Saddle

Having you been looking for a fun and exciting Aussie sport for you and your equine companion?  The Australian stock sport of campdrafting is a fun and unique competition similar to American Western stock events.


The sport was thought to have developed in the outback of Queensland.  It was originally a way for stockmen and drovers to have informal competitions to prove one’s horsemanship skills.   The first official competition was held at the 1885 at the Tenterfield Society Show. Today the premier campdrafting event is the Warwick Gold Cup.  Campdrafting is quickly becoming a very popular sport, especially for families.  Most competitions hold different level classes, which include open, maiden, novice, ladies, and juniors.  At some of the larger competitions classes may also include draft stallions and bareback riders. 


The object of campdrafting is to cut out a cow and then maneuver the cow through a set pattern of turns, figure-eights, and a gate.  The scoring is based on a total of 100 points.  A cut out of the cow is 26 points, the horse work is another 70 points, and then there is 4 points for the course.  Disqualifications are signaled by the crack of a stockwhip.  This can occur when the rider loses control of the cow more than twice in the camp, or running the cow on to the arena fence, or a tail turn.  This sport requires a high degree of horsemanship and cow sense.  The rider must be able to cut out a cow that best fits the speed and agility of their mount in order to complete the course with the best score. 


The perfect campdrafting horse has to have good cow sense!  They have to be able to keep eye-contact with the cow and even at times be able to shoulder the cow into a certain direction.  The ideal size of a campdrafting horse is about 15 hands.  The smaller size horse is more agile and is able to cut out the cow quicker.  The horse must also be willing and speedy.  The current most popular mount for campdrafting is the Australian Stock Horse.  These horses were developed by early Australian colonists for the use in cattle work.  The resulting breed is an agile horse with loads of cow sense. 


So if you are looking for a great Australian event to partake in in with your equine partner, consider campdrafting; the fun and extremely exciting Aussie Stock sport.