How To Take a Wither Tracing

What you need:

  • wire (a wire hanger would work)

  • paper or cardboard

  • marker or writing utensil



  1. Bend the wire over the horse's withers

    1. The wire will lay 2” behind the horse's shoulder blade.

    2. Bend the wire so that it lays over the horse's withers and against the horse's skin.

  1. Carefully remove the wire so that you do not bend the shape you had formed.

  2. Lay the wire onto the paper or cardboard and trace around the inside of the wire.

    1. Please note, depending on the size of your horse, you may need to use two sheets of paper.

  1. Once this is complete, you can fax us a copy of the tracing to 800-705-2240 or email us a picture of it at [email protected]

  2. Mark two points on your tracing and measure them, include this measurement in your fax or email. We do this to make sure we get a good copy that isn't distorted by either fax or email.

Horse Wither Tracing