How to Organize Your Tack Room

As a horse owner, your tack room is extremely valuable. However, your tack room can become cluttered and disorderly quickly. After a long day riding, or training, it is easy to throw your tack inside the room without organization. Make it easy to find tack, keep it in proper shape, and put it away by giving your tack room a makeover. Gather up a few of your friends, pick a sunny day and it will not be long till your tack room looks nicer than your house!

Step 1-Remove Items
Place tarps or old sheets outside your tack room on the ground. Spread the tarps out and remove all items from inside your tack room. Place these items on the tarps and sheets. This is an opportune time to clean or condition tack that you have not used in a while. Sort out the items by type. Place all saddles together, lie out all the bridles in a line, place all halters in a pile etc. If you have lots of broken or unused tack, throw it away or make a pile for donation. Many horse rescues or therapy centers appreciate extra tack. 

Step 2 -Clean and Prepare
Sweep, dust and clean the windows in your tack room. Get rid of the old cobwebs using a hand vacuum and move saddle racks and other furniture to clean behind them. Arrange saddle racks, bridle hooks, and buckets as desired.

Step 3-Bring Items Back In
Place the saddles on the racks making sure the most used ones are the ones most easily reached. Hook bridles near the saddles on bridle racks or saddle horns. Place an old bookshelf or install shelves, or use an existing shelf along one wall to sort out grooming supplies. Make an everyday grooming bucket with your most used supplies then place all extras in a sealed bucket for protection. Place whips and crops in a tall bucket in a corner of your tack room so they can lean against a wall for support. Hook halters and leads on to nails or hooks that are easily accessible.

Step 4-Protect Items
Large and clear plastic trash bags are perfect to protect tack that will be unused for a while. Place over saddles or hand over bridle hooks to protect leather from dust and dirt. Remember that each item has a place and put it back in that place after using it to be sure that each item never gets lost. Clean the tack room and its’ contents often to keep dirt from building up.