How to Meausre and Fit a Horse For a Witner Blanket

More On Blankets


More to discuss when it comes to blankets?! You bet! Now you know what type is for what and what all the numbers and specs mean. Now lets discuss size. Every horse is a different size and shape, we will cover how to make sure your blanket fits and how to make sure it is the right blanket for your horse. A poorly fitting blanket is worse than no blanket at all.


The size of horse blankets and sheets is a standardized system in the U.S. Our sizes run on even inches from 30'-68” for foals and ponies and 70-86 for regular horses. European blankets are measured in centimeters. Like any article of clothing sizes can vary slightly manufacturer to manufacturer.


How to Measure for the best fit


When taking a measurement for the blanket you start at center of the horses chest. Roughly where the buckles would be for the blanket. You then measure around the horses left side keeping what ever your using to measure with straight as possible. Once you get to the point of the rump, or directly behind the horse, center of the tail/rump you stop your measurement. That length in inches is your blanket size. If you end on a odd number measurement round up to the next blanket size.


How to make sure the blanket fits


Once you have your blanket its time to make sure it fits well on your horse. Start by putting it on with out buckling it. At the front notice how the neck and chest fits. A well fitting blanket will have some overlap at the chest to keep out drafts. There should be no gaps at the neck opening. Rubs occur when the blanket slips down past the horse's withers and chest, restricting movement and putting pressure on the withers and point of shoulder. Next is the belly straps, these should be tight enough to not drape down but not so tight that you can't get a hand in between the strap and the horses belly. A loose belly strap could cause a hoof to get stuck during play or when a horse lies down. The legs straps should not hang down past the horses hocks. The back of the blanket should end at the horses tail.

Each blanket will fit differently, once you have one that works for your horse try and stay with a similar kind or make. To find the perfect winter blanket for your horse, check out our Winter Blankets!



More On Sizes


Some people like to size their horse based on how much he weights or how tall he is. There are size charts out there, but keep in mind the best way to measure for blanket size is actually measuring with the above method. So here it is, keep in mind these sizes are estimates and the size could vary by horse.



Horse Height

Horse weight

European Blanket Size

U.S Blanket Size



71 cm – 106 cm


10 hh


76 cm - 137 cm




137 cm


12 hh


145 cm


13 hh


152 cm


14 hh


160 cm -183 cm


15 hh


190 cm


16 hh


198 cm -206 cm


17 hh


206 cm -220 cm



Again this chart is an estimate, please use the directions in the “how to measure for the best fit” section to get the right size blanket for your horse.