How to Fix Horse Blankets

How to Fix Horse Blankets

How to Fix Horse Rugs


     As we round the corner in to spring, it is time to consider pulling off the winter blankets and repairing, or buying new for the next cold season. What determines whether or not you can repair a blanket is really the extent of the damage. Here are some helpful tips to keep the winter blankets staying usable.


     Clean the blanket per the manufactures instructions. Don't just run to the closest laundry mat and dump the blanket it. Take time to brush all the dirt, hair, and ick off the blanket. If it is warm enough or you have access to a hose, hose the blanket down to further remove the surface grime. When washing a blanket (if that is what the manufacturer recommends) shorten or remove any straps and make sure nothing can get tangled and make a bigger repair job than necessary.


     Once clean and dry its time to assess the work needed. Large rips, shredded sides are the hardest to fix. Missing buckles and snaps are easily replaced with supplies from the local craft or fabric store. For small rips patches work well just make sure you sew them in and not rely on the iron on ones. Straps are easy to replace as well. Again you can find them at fabric stores. There are also scrap leather pieces sold so you can fix or add leather reinforcements. Velcro added to straps for a horse that tends to get out of the straps can help keep straps in place when next to the blanket. Hand sewing works and you can use a machine too, just be careful as blankets are much heavier than many regular materials.


     You can make adjustments to blankets such as making them fit tighter or loser in the neck, adding or removing straps, and adding fleece or padding to the blanket to minimize rubs. You can add or fix leather reinforcements and correct the fit on the horse.  Here is more information on how to fit a horse blanket properly.  Make sure you use the right tools, like a sewing machine with the right attachments, or needles and thread strong enough to handle the stress. For those with a lot of skill in sewing you can also make your own blankets, but it is a lot of work. Even if your not great at sewing you can do minor easy fixes such as a missing buckle or snap, loose nylon straps, or small adjustments to fit. It is worth while to check into repairing that winter blanket and getting another season out of it. Plus, these cost saving tips can help you to get your moneys worth out of what you purchase.