How to fit a saddle for a Child or Youth.

How to fit a saddle for a Child or Youth.


     If saddle size is important for adults it is doubly important for kids. When children are riding they are often still learning and developing skills needed to effectively ride and control a horse. Having a proper fitting saddle will aid the rider in maintaining the proper position and add to the riders security.

     Many people want a saddle that is larger than the youth or child rider. This does work but if the child is doing any kind of speed activity’s then a proper fitting saddle is necessary. A child’s saddle needs to be able to support the child in its early riding education.


Here at Saddleonline, we size our youth saddles by age:

2-3 years old : 8”

3-5 years old : 10”

6-8 years old : 12”

8-10 years old : 13”

10 years old - 90 lbs : 14”


     We also measure the stirrup length on all of our saddles. We do this you ensure that you get a saddle that will work for you. Our stirrup length measurement is taken from the center of the seat where you would be sitting to the stirrup where your foot would be resting.


     You can match up the stirrup length of a child's inseam measurement. If the measurement of the child's inseam falls in between the longest and shortest measurement of the stirrups there is a good change that saddle will work for that child.


     Making sure you have a proper fitting saddle will ensure your child's safety and enjoyment of horseback riding. Always have children wear helmets and always ride with supervision.



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