How to Buy the Right Sized Australian Stock Saddle

     Shopping for saddles is hard enough with out having to deal with size.  When it comes down to it the Australian Stock saddle has a size system that in far different than that of western or English saddles.  Here are some helpful hits on how to obtain the perfect fit in an Australian stock saddle.

  1. Know how the Aussie saddle is measured.  


The Aussie saddle is measured from the front of the pommel(front of saddle) to the very top center of the cantle(back of the seat).  This measurement in inches is the size of the saddle. 


  1. 2.  With the Stock Saddle's unique design, it will fit almost every horse.  The wool heavily padded underside will mold to the shape of your horses back while still maintaining a clear gullet channel for the spine.


  1. 3.   When seated in an Aussie saddle, remember that its more similar to sitting in a chair.  Your legs are out in front of you a little more than in a western saddle.  This position is comfortable for lengths of time and reduces stress on your lower back.


4.   The Knee Pads on the Aussie saddle should be 3/4's of an inch or less away from your upper thigh.  If you are to close you need a bigger saddle, to far away then a smaller size would work better for you.  


I always suggest that you go sit in a saddle before you decide to buy one.  Borrow a friends, visit a tack shop, ask around.  Once you know the size you are after you will just have to place you order and wait a few days to try it out.   Many people say that once you go "Aussie" you never go back.   The Aussie saddle while being the last of the saddle development, has really earned a place next to the classic English and Western.  Made ideally for ranch work and for long endurance style riding this could be just the saddle you have been looking for.