Horse Gifts: A Quick Guide to Picking the Right Gift for Any Horse Lover

When it comes to choosing horse gifts, the options are limitless. Where to begin? In this quick guide, we’ll provide you with a whole barn full of ideas that are sure to put a smile on any horse lover’s face.

Horse Gifts for Kids

When it comes to horse gifts for girls, you’ll find that just about anything pink satisfies. A matching halter and lead rope fits in a box and is an easy way to hint that there’s a new pony or horse waiting outside, and for those girls who already have an equine companion, a new western or English saddle pad makes a thoughtful gift. Want to go all out? Consider a fantastic tack set with pink accents. With or without a matching saddle, this girly gift is sure to leave her breathless.

Of course there are some girls who dislike pink, and boys almost certainly prefer other colors such as blue or green. Find any colorful horse gift by typing the color’s name (i.e. red, green, purple) into the search field here at SaddleOnline.

Like girls, boys appreciate cool horse gifts. Here are some great gender-neutral ideas to help you with your search. Western riders might appreciate a new pair of boots or a cowboy hat, while English riders might like helmets, boots, or a saddle to replace one that has been outgrown.

Horse Gifts for Women

When choosing a horse gift for a woman, be sure that you know what type of riding she does. It can also be very helpful to have some insight into her color preferences! A new pair of riding breeches might be appreciated, and it’s likely that she’d enjoy a new headstall set to complement her favorite saddle.

Horse Gifts for Men

Like women, men appreciate useful horse gifts like headstall sets and other accessories, such as a gel seat cover to make riding more comfortable. Looking for something different and useful? An oilskin duster coat might be just the thing! In the event you’re looking for a new men’s saddle, consider getting him an Australian saddle! Ideal for trail riding and more, thse saddles are ultra-comfortable to ride in, and they’re designed to fit most horses.

As with kids and women’s horse gifts, check sizing and see if you can come up with some clues as to what the recipient might prefer. Knowing what kind of riding he does will help you make your selection.  

One-Size Fits All Horse Gifts

Halters, leadropes, and saddle covers are just a few gifts to please nearly any horse lover. They’re useful, they can replace worn out items, and they are very easy to package. If you’re not sure what to get or have no idea what the rider in your life really needs or wants, consider a gift card to SaddleOnline.

Gift cards are ideal, as they allow that special someone to select the color, size, and type of gift that they prefer and / or need most.