Handy Hints and Tools for the Barn

Using natural remedies and repurposing items around the home saves time and money, but did you ever think about using them in the barn or pasture? Owning a horse does not have to be expensive or difficult. Taking control of your equine bills is as effortless as thinking outside of the box.


Horse Home Remedies

Problem: Horse has serious thrush in its feet from standing on mucky ground.

Solution - Bleach
Mix a bleach solution of two-parts bleach to one-part water and dump it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the affected areas daily until thrush is gone.

Problem: Horse's tail gets tangled easily. You have tried shampoo and conditioner, but nothing seems to help.

Solution - Eggs
Mix the whites of several eggs together with your shampoo. Wash the horse's tail like normal.

Problem: You want to take a quick ride, but the flies are driving you and your horse nuts, and your fly spray is gone.

Solution - Vinegar
Mix two-parts vinegar with one-part water. Pour it into a bottle and spray on horse and tack. If you can't stand the smell, mix in a few drops of essential oils.

Problem: Your horse's hooves seem dry and crack often and its coat is dull in color and rough.

Solution - Vegetable Oil
Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your horse's feed. The oil will not only strengthen the horse's hooves but also improve skin health and coat color.


Thrifty Tools

Covering Saddles

Covering and protecting your saddle does not have to break your bank. Simply cut a large garbage bag in half and make a small hole for the horn if you have a western saddle. Slip the cover on top of your saddle to protect it.


Large car sponges are inexpensive and can normally be found at your local discount store. These sponges work great for giving your horse a quick sponge bath without the need for a hose. This also saves on water. Old dish scrubbers help to reach the hard to get to places such as the insides of the horse's legs and bottoms of hooves. Be gentle though, the hard bristles may hurt the horse if you press to hard.

Tack Cleaning

Old toothbrushes and a little toothpaste make bits and conchos sparkle. Add a dab of paste to the brush then scrub hard to remove and stuck on grime. Horses love mint flavor on the bit. Clean hard to reach places on your saddle, such as under stitching, with a toothpick.


Handy Hints

Keep Hay String and Feedbags

Hay string and feedbags are extremely valuable to the horse owner. Hay string can be used to mend a broken bridle, temporarily tie a gate shut, and use as an emergency lead rope. Feed sacks can be used as trash bags or for tack covers.


Stop Vacation Stress

Are you worried that your horse-sitters may not be feeding your horses their proper food? Solve this problem by fixing the feed ahead of time. Put horse's feed for each day in separate gallon size bags. Label the bags with the horse's name and/or stall number. The horse-sitters will find it easy to feed when they don't have to worry about measuring out meals.

Keep your Horse on Grass

A horse that is out in a field limits the stress for you and your horse. The horse is able to run free and graze naturally. This is not only beneficial for the horse's attitude but also better for it's joints. You will have to do less feeding, less watering and less mucking. If you are not riding or working with a horse every day, turning them out is a fantastic idea.