Giving a Pony for Christmas? Remember These Important Essentials and Accessories!

Many kids dream of getting a pony for Christmas. If you’re thinking of fulfilling your child’s dream, be sure to pick up a few essentials and accessories to make the transition a fun, comfortable, and safe one!

Add these Horse Tack Items to Your List

If your family already owns horses, you may have everything  you need! Use this guide as a checklist to be certain that you’ve got everything necessary.

First choose a pony saddle, a cinch or girth to go with it, and a blanket to go under the saddle. You’ll also need a bridle and bit that will fit the pony. Some sellers will include horse tack along with the pony, and most of the time, ponies come with their own halters and lead ropes (you’ll need to buy these separately if they are not supplied).

If your new pony doesn’t come with tack, you’ll want to measure him to ensure that you get the correct saddle size. Use this quick guide to taking a withers tracing to learn how. You can choose a western saddle or an English saddle, depending on what types of activities your child will be participating in. If you’re not sure which style to choose, feel free to speak with one of our customer service reps, who will help you make an educated decision.

Next, be sure that the bit and bridle you choose is appropriate for the child’s skill level as well as for the pony. Many of the saddles we offer come complete with matching bridles and other accessories, adding some convenience to the exciting process of giving a pony for Christmas!

Accessories for Kids

As for your child, be sure that he or she has comfortable, durable clothing to ride in. If he or she will be taking riding lessons, check with the instructor to see what items are recommended and which are not permitted. Jeans, long-sleeved tops, and boots with low heels are typically good to start with. Additionally, be sure to purchase a riding helmet for your child. Riding helmets are specifically designed for horseback use, and shouldn’t be substituted with bike helmets.

Caring for the Pony

There are a few items you’ll need to have on hand for basic pony care. Get a couple of good buckets; one for food, and one for bathing the pony in good weather. You will also need a tote or tack box to store other items, including brushes, curry combs, hoof picks, and sponges.

In areas where severe cold is a problem during winter, you may need to purchase a warm blanket for the pony to wear. Like saddles, bridles, and other horse tack, a winter blanket needs to fit well, and it needs to be adjusted properly. Many ponies come with their own blankets, and if this is the case, you can have the seller show you how to use the blanket properly. If purchasing a new blanket, be sure that you measure the pony as recommended by the retailer or blanket manufacturer beforehand.

Giving a pony for Christmas is exciting for you, and this gift is one that your child will always remember! If you are completely new to horse ownership, you’ll find plenty of advice on caring for your family’s new pony online, including in this blog, and your trainer or riding instructor can help, too.