The Duster Coat and How to Wear It

The duster coat! It’s a must around the barn, great for rain and snow, and ideal for riding in inclement weather. It also happens to be a super-stylish piece of outerwear that has been popularized on fashion runways. Here, we take a good look at this coat and talk about some practical and fashionable ways to make the most of it.

Beat the Weather in Style

You can find a few different duster coat configurations here at SaddleOnline. Most are lined for additional warmth.

Since our duster coats are infused with an oil / wax formula, they offer excellent protection from the elements. Chilly wind, cold rain, and freezing ice and snow are no match for the protective coating, and a back half cape adds style while helping to protect your upper body from the weather.

This versatile coat is a good one for all-around outdoor work, as well as for riding. Many styles have adjustable features so that you can create a custom fit that’s perfectly suited to the activity at hand. When it’s very cold, light layers underneath the duster coat can help you stay warm and dry. Of course temperature tolerance varies widely from one person to the next, but many of us like to start with an insulating layer of long underwear beneath the rest of our clothes when sub-zero weather strikes.

Fashionable Ways to Wear a Duster Coat

Want to look awesome, on and off the farm? Here are some fun tips that will let you make the most of your duster coat.

Keep the look seamless if you’re planning to go out while wearing your duster. The clothes you wear underneath can complement or contrast with your coat, and you can create an attractive silhouette by sticking with a single, tonal color palette underneath. All black, for example, looks stylish no matter what.

Accessorize with your boots or shoes. Famous celebrities, ranging from Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian, like wearing duster coats with fabulous footwear that keeps the look from descending into frumpiness. Put a little shine on your toes if you’re going out, and you’ll be looking great while feeling comfy.

Top the look with a hat, if you want to make a great impression. Pick a fun beaded hatband or keep your look simple. It’s up to you.

While we offer purely practical duster coats, you can find quite a few interesting options at other shopping sites. Delicate colors designed for women let you continue to enjoy the practicality of your ranch coat while looking a bit more elegant. Of course it’s super stylish to mix and match, so topping a dress with a (clean!) slightly used duster can be a fun way to embrace the trend. Petite women can get away with knee length styles, while average to larger women look best in a full length duster.

Guys, you can enjoy the look too. The duster coat makes a great stand in for a trench coat and as long as it’s clean and in good repair, then you can wear it with just about anything.