Details About the American Paint Horse Association

Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse Association, APHA, is the official breed registry for paint horses. Paint horses are often easily identified by their distinctive multicolored markings, typically gray (white) and a solid color such as sorrel, bay, chestnut, palomino, grullo, dun or black. The American Paint Horse Association, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is recognized globally as the premier breed registry for painted horses in the World.

Registry Eligibility

In order for a horse to be registered with the APHA, it must meet specific criteria. Registered paint hoses must have parents that are registered through either the APHA, the American Quarter Horse Association or the Jockey Club. The horse must have a stock-horse build and, in order to be eligible for full registry, it must have the distinctive coat coloring and patterns that the breed is known for. Paint horses have a spots of gray (sometimes called white) coat over pink pigmented skin as well as darker coat coloring on their body. At least one of the white markings has to meet a specific size requirement.


Brief History

American Paint Horse Association is the second largest of the horse breed registries in the United States. It was formed during the 1960s in order to provide a place for owners and breeders of these distinctive horses to register them. Horses with paint colorings are not admitted into traditional Jockey Club or American Quarter Horse Registries. The creation of the APHA allowed paint horse enthusiasts to create a criteria for the breed and regulate the horses that were to be considered paints. Horses with paint-type coloring that do not meet the APHA's requirements are not considered paints, they are considered pintos and can be registered with the pinto association.

At present, the mission of APHA centers on the preservation, recording, and collecting of American Paint Horses pedigrees. Events that enrich their members’ experiences are also encouraged. These events include races and horse shows. The association also focuses on promoting the heritage and history of this breed.

Benefits and Advantages

Interested to be part of the APHA? Since this organization has been in existence for several decades already, the benefits and advantages of its members are both exciting and comprehensive. For instance, its new member benefits include a Health Discount Program, savings on equipment, and even roadside assistance. Registry members are given exclusive access to some programs and competitions as well as specialty publications and breed news.