Coping with a loss

I will never forget that day. I woke up to see I missed a call from my mom, I got up figured I would call her after I was ready for work, but then changed my mind and called her.  When she answered her voice cracked, "Pockett died."  Two words that brought me to tears in an instant.  I could not believe my beloved Arab was gone.  I knew he was older, I also knew he had spiked a fever, but I never thought he would leave me....but he did.

Pockett was special in many ways, he was our first rescue horse, saved from not one but two slaughter trucks.  He was a fighter to the core, stubborn and ornery, which is why I could relate to him.  I understood him, he understood me.  I was the only one he would come to, the only one he let hug him, hang on him, and groom him.  We were one in the same, but now he was gone.

Its not easy letting go or saying goodbye to someone you love so much; I say someone because as an animal lover I think of animals as so much more then mere possessions.  Lets face it, look at all the time and love we put into our horses.  Sometimes we trust them more then two legged animals we know.

But we must know that the time will come that we will say our goodbyes and we must be prepared for it.  Fortunately for me and my family we have a large farm wioth lots of land and places for burial.  We were able to have a memorial service for him.  What plans hve you made?  Keep in mind it can be very costly for any type of service or removal ( I detest that word) of your horse from your barn.

Remember too, that you are not alone.  Many other people have gone through this and sometimes it helps to talk about it with them.  There are also animal grief support groups.  To some it may seem a bit much, but to me Pockett was family, we did not just save him, he saved us.