Beginner’s Guide: Horse Blankets

          Do you ever get cold and want to put on a jacket? How about wanting to wrap up in a blanket to fight off the shivers? Almost everyone will answer yes to one or both of these questions. Just like people, horses also get cold too. During the fall and winter seasons, horses need blankets just like us to keep warm and toasty! Whether your horse is outside or in the barn, horse blankets will keep your horse insulated, dry, and healthy during the cold months. Other blankets can also help keep your horse safe and healthy during the spring and summer months! These types of blankets/ sheets help to protect your horse from bugs, wind, sun, and rain. It is also a great way to keep your horse’s coat clean when they are outside in the pasture.

          Much like our coats, horse blankets come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are also many different kinds of blankets that are used for different purposes. Some of these include stable blankets, turnout blankets, winter blankets, and much more! To check out the different types of blankets, and to learn about the different purposes that they are used for, check out Horse Blankets 101!

           When looking at purchasing a horse blanket, you want to make sure that you are buying the right size for your horse. Buying the wrong size blanket can be uncomfortable for your horse and may also cause injury to your horse. A horse blankets that is too big for your horse can lead to mud and insects being trapped between your horse’s coat and the inside of the blanket. This in turn can irritate your horses coat/skin and cause sores. Also if the blanket is too big, your horse can trip over it and get tangled. This can lead to your horse injuring his legs or his body. If the horse blanket is too small, it won’t cover your horse’s body correctly and it will cause him discomfort. A blanket that is too tight can also rub your horse's skin the wrong way. This can result in sores and irritation as well. Making sure your horse’s blanket fits properly is key to your horse’s happiness and health. Here are a couple steps to follow when measuring your horse for the proper fit:

           1. Make sure your horse is standing on a flat, even surface.

2. Take a measuring tape and place it on the middle of your horse’s chest (it may be easier to have someone hold one end, while you take the other).

3. Take the measuring tape and measure around your horse’s shoulder and follow to the backside of your horse.

4. Next, take the tape measure and follow it to the middle of your horse’s backside (about 10 to 12 inches below the nub of the tail).

          Tally up the measurement and this should give you the proper measurements that you will need to find the right size blanket for your horse. You want your blanket to fit snug against your horse, but not tight. You should have about a 1 to 2 inch clearance when you pull the blanket away from your horse's chest and withers. This means that the blanket has the perfect snug fit without giving your horse any discomfort!